The spice of Love


So many of us are in a gloomy world when we are in love, be it be for the first time or finding new love/just rekindling existing love, we often forget the best thing above all is to spice up what we have. Most of us today have their relationship suffer not because love is unavailable, but that love is just a great dish in a relationship that is not spiced up, no matter how great a chef is but if he can not spice up his food, he looses his great status as a chef. This is where a lot of us loose our relationships, we become too used to one another and end up using words that simply destroy us bit by bit day after day, at the end of it all we loose each others great taste of love. May i just say love is kind, it is generous, so make an effort to develop new ways everyday to love your other half try inventing a sweet language and a good working ethical relationship, this is just a spice of love i believe you benefit from it, be blessed and be a blessing


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