The power of Success


There are a lot of us today who are in the struggle to become who we believe we are, yet we are limited by our own fears, our bright ideas and business ideas are lying in rust because of what we as a people are afraid of. Success is something that is worth risking, it is worth being comfortable in, most of us are just easily detracted by what we think most people may say, often we do what we think of, remember that success is a thought not just a thought but a powerful thought. How much of thought do you have, how dedicated are you to see what you think through, there is power in success in the way you think, so let us all think positive, powerful and be proven you can attain these three P’s Positive Powerful and a Proven thought gives you as a person your power to success. I believe that from today i have raised your eye brews and you have the power to succeed so lets all do this.


Everlasting love


Love has become like a game, it ends when one has the tactic of ending it, relationships have become battle zones where causalities are left with scars and wounds because of this game. One person once told me that perfect love does not leave behind scars, it does not leave behind wounds, it is however that most of us today have relationships that leave us with wounds and scars because some of our relationships we have are not in love. Relationships today are based on material things than the true value of love, most of us enter into relationships because we want what he/she has/what he/she has makes me look better among my friends/family, pride has taken over love. Everlasting love is based on loving the person for who they are, the way they are, the way they act and talk, the way they annoy you as a person, this today is what most relationships lake. May i say that all of us as people are working progress and we are all striving for this everlasting love, therefore if we all learn to love people for who they are and not what they have, this is just everlasting love and i crave for this in my relationship i believe you do too, be blessed and be a blessing

Rebellion of Peace


My deepest condolences to the late teacher of a School in Leeds United Kingdom, who was stabbed by a student in class, it is to this blog that it also gets to the hearts of those that are mourning and those that are vulnerable. Peace have been rebelled and children have become more beasts, than our adorable young blessings. Schools are an institution for young people to get better in life, to be taught great disciplines of life, to the family of Anne the teacher that passed on we do send our condolences and our prayers are with the family that has been left behind. Today we are talking about the rebellion of Peace, Russia seems to not be able to control its thugs in Ukraine, could the world be more cautious on how they deal with Russia, EU and world leaders the power of bringing peace back to Ukrainians is in our hands, therefore let us exercise the right to do so for the future generations to enjoy the best in peace in Ukraine. UN what on earth is going on in Syria? i am such touched by what role the UN has played in Syria, they are the ones that have put Syrians in danger, all the name calling and blaming one another than solving the problem that Syria has. MR Ibrahim, as the Envoy for Peace in Syria, this may say something about you and the UN in Syria as there has been explosions reported in the city of Homs and 37 people are among the UN’s carelessness way in Syria adding to the number of casualties in this mess. Peace needs to be taken back to Syrians and to Ukrainians, world over we can not watch another Holocaust happening let peace reign in Syria, let it reign in Ukraine.

Edwin Mathe in relations to three BBC articles on Syria blast kills dozens in Homs, Stabbed teacher was due to retire and Rebels seize regional Ukraine HQ 29/04/2014 

The cost of Peace


There are times that life begins to be a scare, it begins to be more than interesting and it is also beginning to have a lot of surprises. Humanity has been hanged for treason, peace is getting rusty in the hands of the oppressors, the world is watching massacres and deadly weapons fired at civilians and the only thing that the world peace body can say is that we are doing all that we can to make it right. UN and the world can somebody help the UN recognize that their mess in Syria is getting out of hand, may i just say the Envoy for Syria has failed that country dismally Mr Lakhdar Brahim you have failed as a person to represent the views of what the UN stands for, UN stands for peace and Syria is not an exception. What happened to you negotiating for peace? Yes it is happening again in Aleppo barrel bombs are just spiraling like a hit song as the world thought Syria’s problem had been solved. UN and world leaders let the situation in Syria be addressed before it costs the world and Syria valuable peace.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on Aleppo gripped by barrel bomb fears 28/04/14

Just a thought of Success


There is one solid thing that i believe in as a person and i believe may help some other people who may be out there not believing they can make it in life, some people out there who have had thoughts and crushed them because they think it is impossible or too big to do. My belief is this, a big thought and constantly thinking about it makes you as a person have the ability to get what you think of, success is just a simple thought. No matter how stupid you think your idea is, let me be honest with you, a lot of successful people in this generation had their ideas and dreams said to be nonsense and stupid, may i encourage you today as a person that no matter how you view your thought/idea/dream just pursue it and see it to the end, believe in what you want to do with your idea. Success is not someone else’s thought but yours, you, you and you alone can think no matter how stupid it may look in other people’s eyes its only you that can make your thought count. My thought has changed it is big and i am close to obtaining what i have been thinking about in years, i believe there is someone out there who has this chance as i have so lets start thinking and be successful

Destabilization of Peace


When Peace calls no one is at home, when peace leaves everyone is asking the question where peace has gone. Humanity has lost its touch on issues that matter, humanity has lost it touch on peace, peace has become like an extinct animal only found in countries where people protect it to the core. There are a lot of things now that Russia does that seem a bit out of the line, they have abducted, seized buildings and taken Crimea from the Ukrainians, despite what the world says and does, it looks like Russia is like a spoilt child who wants to do what he/she wants. Russia have destabilized peace worldwide as the UN, EU and world leaders try by all means to be as diplomatic as possible to help Ukraine out of Russian hands. As the US urges Russia to help free the European military observers that have been held hostage in Ukrainian east of the country Sloviansk, this is a bit more unacceptable to all peace loving nationalities throughout the world, Russia its now or never that peace be as destabilized in your hands. World over and the UN do something before it is too late, do something before Ukraine loose more than her sovereignty but also loose more other citizens in Russia’s quest for power.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article Kerry urges Russia to help Observers 27/04/14

Definition of Success


Most of the times we are taken so far by what we as people can achieve in our lives, we have had a definition of success in different visions, some have believed that money, jewelry, houses and cars define how successful one is, maybe it does but i guess most of the successful people may agree with me in this, success is about doing the best that you know of and can do best. If what you do is what you know and believe in then you are also rated among the most successful people, look at the likes of Facebook owners, Bill Gates, Sir Richard Bronson all these are successful people but their success is not defined by what they have but what they did best to acquire what they have. So guess the definition of success is based on how you look at it, however my definition of success is doing the best in what you surely know of and believe in it, that dream, that thought you are just so good at it so why try getting money instead of pursuing that dream and idea to get you the money that you need. This is just the beginning of my definition of success and i am prepared to continue in the best form and shape of doing what i do best that is to inspire you and you to the best success that you can have and that is just believing in what you do best

Love like the wind


There is so much that we go through as a people, humanity have a great sense in love, it is however that love becomes the most difficult sense to have in most relationships. Here is something that really amazes me, love is for free but it is most stressful than a £500.000 car/business the reason is that most of us today treat our relationships as police camps. We are too serious about things that do not amount to anything in our relationships, i personally am too serious about being cared for and having someone always on my sight, as everyone else i think this is the way i am meant to be loved. I have learnt the hard way and now i have relaxed and let my love life flow like the wind, i am free and i believe that if most of us just have to enjoy the best in people that we have in our lives, either family or our spouses/girlfriends/boyfriends if we learn to overlook some of these things and remember that we are not all perfect, we are all working progress. Love is like a wind it just needs to flow so why don’t you let your relationship be the starting point, be blessed and be a blessing

Consequences of Peace


Peace is vital, peace is inevitable, peace is a noble crown that has to be achieved, who among humanity have the thought of peace. The world has been waiting for something strong, something that would cure the heartaches of families that have lost their loved ones in Kiev. The world has been looking for a solution for Ukraine while there is one poison just across the road, Russia has proved to be a thorn in the flesh where peace is concerned. Are these the years where i am reminded of Hitler and his Germany? are these the years that reminds me of the west and the world fighting for a piece of land in the African region. It is such a pain that those years within us as humanity have ended but for Ukraine, the fight for their right to be a peaceful nation goes on. World over do we have eyes that see? do we have ears that are so sharp to hear the sound, this is a sound of a child crying in Syria, a mother crying for his lost son in Kiev fighting for the rights of their nation, is the world watching another invasion of Ukraine and another war in religion going on in Syria? Consequences of peace do not have to come with blood shed neither can our young generation be enticed into dying for a cause they do not know. Russia why do you add salt into open wounds of Ukrainians haven’t you quenched your thirst of power, stop the invasion of Ukraine take your thugs out of Sloviansk let Ukraine heal her wounds of losing Crimea to you, EU, UN and world leaders this is a song that i sing in desperate agony for peace.

Edwin Mathe in relations to both BBC articles on Police making a plea to UK women who have their sons/husbands going to Syria to fight the Asad government and Ukraine Move sparks Russia response 24/04/14 

Responsibility of Success


There are a lot of us who have been told we will amount to nothing, nothing of yours is ever going to be great, you will never and ever be successful and most of us have yielded to all these threats. Today despite how you feel i am here with only one word for someone, your success is not guaranteed by anybody, not even that uncle/aunt that has been mean to you in all these years, today there is just freedom for you. Your freedom is your belief in your ideas and dreams, there is no one that has the responsibility of your success except you as an individual, so despite what the world may think of you, be responsible for your own success, i know you can do it and you have a different view today, you are responsible for you own success, do i have anyone that believes?