Straight Success


The easier way of doing things is just following the guide to how the thing/things are done, most of us today do not believe in the guide of doing certain things, we often cut corners maybe that is the reason why we are no where near the success rate that we aimed at. Success is straight, it does not have any short cuts, doing the best that you know how to, is the straight edge towards excellent success. Complecation of success is when straight minds bend towards what we are not used to doing, so what have your mind been bending towards?


The Nature of Love


Most of us today are always on the look out for that perfect man/woman, may i say that no matter what relationship you have, there is no such a thing as a perfect relationship. The nature of love is having the power to say what you are not happy about at that same time when you are not happy. Most of us bottle up things and make it seem as though everything in their relationship is just fine, may i just say to someone the more you keep up things the more you get it harder for yourself in that relationship, just say what you really are not happy about the minute it happens. In the moment you say what hurts you when it hurts it is the time the nature of love takes effect on you and your relationship, stay in this nature, keep happy lets make love the best anchor in our relationships, be blessed and be a blessing