The pulse of Peace


Every single day this world lives in bitterness, every politician leaves a bad taste in everyone’s mouth, today it is a painful day to all that are in the process of negotiating for peace. Peace has hit a rock, a dynamite has struck a rock however at this particular time a dynamite struck a rock that was not targeted, Israel has hit a camp in Gaza and their target being the Hamas militants, world over and fellow peace loving citizens of the world for how long should we keep on fighting one another, there is a growing concern in my conclusions, if the UN ever starts to help things escalate to the worst. They sent their envoy to Syria it was catastrophic, in Iraq there is still a lot of war going on, yesterday it was nearly victory for Ban-Ki-Moon and the UN as a cease fire agreement was nearly reached. UN what on earth did you do this time? let the pulse of peace beat again UN do something in Israel and Gaza before we loose another generation, peace be now and it is my prayer for both Gaza and Israel to come to terms with one another for a better world for today and tomorrow, an eye for an eye makes the world blind let war be stopped now.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on Gaza shelter attack kills 15 people 24/07/14 


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