Spy of Peace


The violation of peace has been with the politicians hence the masses suffer at such an expense, it is to our view as a people to understand the privacy of one another, we have at all times adhere to the power of peace that lies in the information that the world depends on. No government agents nor any political group can spy on peace, peace is for the masses and only the masses have the secrets to peace.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on Germans in US talks over spy claims 30/10/13


Underlined Success


A lot of times we are not where we want to be in life because our past mistakes keeps us in tune with what we are facing, if there is a good thing that one wants to do he/she is reminded of the failures that he/she has gone through. I am just going to be a small voice today and just tell you whatever it is that you may have failed before resurrect it just as i speak, work on it harder like your life depends on it, success is like that underlined rule in your life that word that is so strong that when you close your eyes you see everyday, how bright is that line in your life? is the one of the mistakes more brighter? or the one of success and more determination more brighter?, you have a choice of two, which one is yours? i just choose to let my future be worked by my determination of overcoming my past failures.

Analogue of Love


We sometimes are not satisfied with what we have and often want more, we are in relationships yet in times we just want something that maybe one of the people we are dating or are part of one’s family may have, may i just say what you choose you see it beautiful and glamorous in your eyes that is why you chose that person in the first place. Love has no boundaries, yet most of us tie boarders to it, we have thought and compared our previous relationships to the ones that we have, may i just remind you that what is perfect in love is your commitment to love first then your relationship will fall into place. Love is just so amazing when you know how to analyse what you say, what you bring into the relationship, how much you are patient with things that may annoy you in a person you are with, lets just all be good people, love like you we are so hungry for love, be blessed and be a blessing

A new Term of Peace


So many times we envy the best in life, however what we envy happens not to be what is practical in the real sense of the word, we envy what we can not manage to live up to our envious ways. Peace is neither a political nor a religious exercise where it is voted into power or voted out of power, peace is the greatest mystery that makes politicians and religious leaders afraid that if the masses are to get hold of peace there is no way they are going to be recognizable. May i just say the people will govern yes as long as the word peace exist, the term masses will be represented and the same masses/people will make peace a global indication of unity.

Edwin Mathe in relation to a BBC article on Syrian team tasked with destroying the Chemical weapons demanding a short cease fire for the progress of their work 14/10/13 

Unrecognized Success


There are a lot of us who believe success is having a lot of money, having a good life and all the luxury that money can buy, may i say to someone yes that may define success to someone but at times that may define failure, like one boxer once said hitting hard does not mean anything when you have nothing to hit, thus to say money can not define success, but what you use that money for defines how successful you are, most of us are more successful in life but they are just average because they do not know they are successful. There is that strong idea that you have and there is that little voice that keeps saying you can do it, yet the other louder one that has nothing in place for your idea keeps saying you cant make it, just follow that little soft voice and push to do what you are good at, remember i said what you are good at not what people tell you, you are good at. Just that i call unrecognized success its waiting for you to recognize it, are you going to do the right thing/you are still going to be down?

Wave of Love


There is a reason and purpose why each and every one of us have lived up to the time we are at right now, it is such a disheartening thing in human life that we are just people that have no meaning to the word that we confess to say and believe in, this is the word love. To most of us the word love has lost its meaning and there is no way that one can encourage us to be in the sense of love in any way, i am here just to help someone today, the wave of love has to hit you as a person and it has to change you as a person, these are just simple factors that may just keep you in the wave of love, first of all you have to forgive yourself first, then the one that you are in a relationship with, secondly just give, refrain from selfishness, always keep your smile it helps, be blessed and be a blessing

Peace Target


At most times we aim for a greater deal of strength, believing that once the time comes we will hit it big, most of the times we are not prepared enough for the challenges that we meet in life. Peace is an ever ready commodity available to all, however politicians and religious leaders of today have made peace a not affordable deal for those that do not see it coming. Today the people have their own say and in due time that say will be heard no matter how the politician or a religious leader acts and talks the will of the people will be the targeted force of peace. The people shall govern and it is time the people will define their destiny and peace will be the best target that humanity has ever stood on.

Edwin Mathe in relation to a BBC article Egyptian attacks targeting security forces, 07/10/13 

Quality success


Any time is just tea time they say, anytime in a business or successful man/women is productive time, a lot of us today are struggling to make ends meet because of not just being productive with our time. Most of the times i have heard people say we have ideas but no resources, may i just say to you, just continues having ideas and siting on them guess some day resources will find you. Success has its quality and its true quality is you finding it, it does find you if you work towards finding it, it just does not come to you, to someone that has been thinking that you have ideas and no resources may i just hit you at the back and tell you that make your ideas find the resources needed and simply that is the quality of success right there, i found mine i guess this will help you find yours

Prestigious Love


Love can not just be the word, that word has to mean something to everyone, it has to have action on anyone, there are times most of us just use that word proportionally, we are just saying that word for just saying sake. Most of our relationships today are just full of words and not action, we have no action in any way and there is stagnancy in our relationships, we do not move forward in our relationships because, we are just talkers not doers, we talk love, we do not do love, in actual sense we do not love. Love has its own pride, it prides itself in patience, kindness, giving and forgiving, unselfishness, so on and so on, now if you just want to move to the next level of your relationship stop talking start walking in love, be blessed and be a blessing

Militant Peace


There are many ways to which we sit and discus the ethos of our being, humanity has been hanged for treason, there is not even a single politician today in the word who does things for the people, every politician and religious leader has become a force of their own. The road to peace may be wide and long, it is the masses that make the whole trip to the end of it, the people have outweighed the power of both the politician and religious folk to become the most dominant force in the peace negotiation process. There are no bombs, nor nuclear weapons that may dent the confidence of the masses to live in the peace belt, despite suicidal actions, the masses will sing a song of peace, yes at the end of this tough road there is justice, and the end of this tough road the masses will have the last lough, yes at the end of this tough road there is a round table prepared for the masses to negotiate peace.

Edwin Mathe in response to a BBC article on Pakistan attack on militant chief’ Nabi Hanafi killing many people 03/10/13