The Risen Man


So many times you have been hit and life seems so unfair, sometimes you even think of giving up, you feel like your life is a burden, may i rescue your thought as a man. The bible states that a righteous man which is me and you right now a righteous man falls seven times and rise again, child of God i do not want to scare you away its only your first blow that you have taken from life and it has knocked you down, i am not going to beg you to rise because as a man you definitely know what to do. Your wife, your children, your business hit you you hard but your wheel to rise again need not be knocked down thus you are a risen man

This is Edwin Mathe reminding you that we are man equipped for a better world 


Unlimited Success


Success is not what you make of it, it is the evidence of achievement, a lot of us are tired of trying things, may i say to you i am not doubting your effort of trying, if you want dearly to be successful stop trying start doing, sorry if that hurts but that is the transparent truth. A lot of us limit success because we enter in success with the mindset of trying, you have tried and you have seen success works the moment you have that idea, so why still try in the implementation of it, just do it. From today onward do not limit yourself by thinking of trying just get on the wagon make up your mind this is what you want and lets all be successful

Unconditional Love


How many of us can say that we are loving genuinely including myself? i can say none of us just love without conditions attached to the love we often give, others suffer from heartaches and most of the people have high blood pressure because what you actually expected from that relationship is not what it shows to be. Love on its own is not to have conditions because the more there are conditions it should not be called love it should actually be called attachment to love, everyone of us has a duty to play both in our relationships and in our families. Our duty is to love despite what we see, we have to love despite how situations look, remember that Jesus Loved us to the point that even though the cross was meant to be the optimum price he was ready to pay and indeed he paid that price. Love is the greatest aspect of our lives lets learn to live in it without conditions, be blessed and be a blessing

Remote Peace


No matter how hard we fight for justice and racial equality there is a place in the world that we can wedge war against this is a world where peace resides, we have to honor the moments of peace, we are a human race and have to align ourselves to the motives that build us up as a society, motives that build us up as nations. It is vital to learn that peace can only be negotiated when the wheel of the masses is considered appart from the wheel of the people our words may not bring peace on the table, leaders and governments may we learn remotely to identify ideas and prospects of peace from the people we govern and we all as nations truly will negotiate for peace.

Edwin Mathe in response to a BBC article on the prospect of Egyptian protest 28/06/2013

Men’s Vision


A lot of us men have lived a life where you have no vision, you can not see where you are going, most of us have put blame to our parents for our misfortunes. Men its time you have to live in your pain and find strategies to get out of your pain, even in real life once you feel pain you consult a Doctor, such is that heartache that you are going through have a vision know how to cure your pain while looking good believing in good. The best way to overcome your pain is to do good the more you do good the better you feel, remember Jesus Christ of Nazareth he was mocked and maybe been told worse things to degrade him but he went about doing good, be a visionary as a men know what you want and dwell in what you want do at all cost good for the good of the product you want to archive

This is Edwin Mathe reminding you once again that we are Equipped as men for a better world 

The intention of Success


Dear entrepreneur/businessman/woman and Leader, so much of your time has been either wasted trying to do something or in the process of negotiating a deal that you feel perfectly that it will not work, may i just for today help you, i know i may not bring back lost time, but in future will save you time, success is intended for you to excel thus its called success making decisions based on your own motivation, for you to motivate someone it is yourself first that need to be motivated, its just not enough to have motivation when you are not going to motivate, that i call the intention of success

Stronger Love


A lot of us have believed in love and never understand its meaning, we tend to be masters of confusion in what we believe is the true aspect of love. Well so many of us do not want to change not because change is hard but because we always want to be good in bad behaviors, love is such a kind and strong current, it motivates and inspire happiness. So if you are in a relationship based on pity, sympathy and just how good certain things are done in that relationship think twice, because there will still be the same storms to fight every single day. Strong love is about changing for the best and changing to improve, be blessed and be a blessing

Tidal Peace


The wave of peace is just like a strong current that can hit at any time, peace makers are the people and their leaders, however we as people put our beliefs first, above peace. We can not make our minds to talk peace when our beliefs are different, we have to strongly work on our beliefs in order for peace to reign. We are ambassadors of peace and in peace our beliefs need to show what peace we all believe in, neither denomination nor religion has power over the negotiation for peace, peace is free and fare for all religion, peace is free and fare for all denomination, that indeed is a tide of peace.

Edwin Mathe in response to the BBC article on Syria war exerting Strain on Lebanon 27/06/1013

Uncompromising Men


A lot of men have a weakness, such a weakness that make them compromise their values in life, i was born deprived of opportunities life could give, yet my resilience and power of wanting better makes me not the one that you can say is wealthy, neither the one you would say is rich but have both in me. This i did because i lay down my principles that i was never ready to compromise, men today have compromised their values and have lived some people’s lives men live your life stop compromising, the church/our businesses/our families crush because we have compromised aspects of our ministries/businesses lets all be good fathers/leaders/business people that are of uncompromising nature.

As iron sharpens iron

This is Edwin Mathe, reminding you that we are man that are equipped for the best in our world

Applied Success


Success is when your ideas work out in the midst of trouble, whenever we are troubled we think nothing else than survival, today i am here to talk to businessmen/women and entrepreneurs, you life long dream to success is not guaranteed by your effort but your determination to do, a lot of us are in small scale businesses because our minds settle for effort, yes you have put an effort to be where you are but that is not the end you have to work more and much further, success is the application of your mind in advance in future if i can put it plainly. What i am saying to you is that your idea of that business does not end when that shop is open, there is more to your business success than just it standing in the place where you put it, think more, think if what you want your business to become, think yes think start dreaming in the process that i call applied success