About Edwin Mathe


Edwin Mathe is a dynamic, upcoming writer/author who has in his right published his first poetry book “Historical Echoes”, he is a rich poet, a leader, a public speaker, a motivational speaker, business minded entrepreneur, a dancer, singer above all a leader of excellency and class.
Born and bred under harsh economic times in Zimbabwe Edwin has become one of the most inspirational speakers of our times, with his remarks on success lobbying such statements as “Success is not guaranteed by small minds, but big minds accommodate success” with his love messages flattering on Facebook and such having made thousands of friends recommend his Facebook page to one another.
His recent collection of Poems in a book form has made Edwin indeed the voice that is far above inspirational, he has touched much of injustices on men to men, love, peace, joy and pain in his “Historical Echoes” book he draws all academics and leaders, as well as business people to a common language of poetry hence revealing thoughtfulness and richness of his creativity both in writing and in speech, In this classical collection of poems there are such Poems as “Chained Yet a Hero”  with an emphasis on reminding one of those struggles which a black men went through, en-rout  to becoming free, this poem is about resilience, power, struggle and victories of an African slave, who is chained in a Ship from Africa to the USA. Edwin has this in his sayings “There is no liberty in freedom, freedom is uncomfortable, but each stroke of discomfort the nearer you are to freedom
Such words that comes out of a 40 year old leader, poet and business minded entrepreneur are such like sweetness in honey yet they come from such a rich young genius


7 thoughts on “About Edwin Mathe

    • Thank you Hildah it is such a blessing that you took time to brows through, my blog im so delighted to be part of change in words and i believe that this blog will inspire you as much as it does inspire me every single day of my life. It is a blessing to have you every time you brows it makes the content more exciting to give to people like yourself, i appreciate you in every way on behalf of my marketing team we value your input, be blessed and be a blessing

  1. Tinashe.

    My brother am deeply touched and humble to meet a man of God as yourself,Your work is Extraordinary well done and keep it up.

    • Oh Tinashe it is a blessing to have met you and i am glad that this blog brings a difference in your life i am so much honored to make a positive difference on this blog, your comment is kept a special one and the most appreciated at edwinmathe.com thank you a million times.


      Edwin Mathe

  2. Femiawok

    My brother in Christ, Edwin Mathe, thanks for your wonderful work over the weekend and for supporting “Full Of Promise – Tehillah Gospel Youth Talent search”. May God bless you and Open doors for you in the Name of Jesus Christ (Amen). Keep up the good work

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