Seasoned Success


Most of our businesses today are just businesses because we are just business people, we work so hard to get what we believe in and when we get it we are just not bothered anymore. Most businesses today are just surviving, as well as most people are living for survival, may i just say as an individual you live life and you make the best out of life, you are not meant to work hard and then when you get the results you rest, you get the results and purify the result to make it more glamorous. Success is more like spices you season it with more hard work and polish the outcome with consistency, i am seasoned in my ideas and i believe you are too, this is your moment, do not loose it, this is your season, do not miss it, and this is just sweet, it is seasoned success


The Question of Peace


When we vote, we vote with confidence and pride because we know and believe that it is our democratic right to do so, however the people that we put in power become the worst choices that we live with. Today the world is in shambles because the masses are not represented at their democratic point of need, politicians use the masses vote for their selfish ambitions, the masses have began to loose trust in the democratic system they put in place, peace has no agenda in any of the politicians meeting, peace negotiators have turned the will of the people to nothing, it is the question of peace that the masses ask and today the masses shall speak, today the people shall ask the question of peace and get answers, peace is in the will of the people, no special report can overcome the power of the people, no political office abuse will overturn the power of the people, today it is the masses that speak for their destiny and their question of peace is being addressed not by politicians but by the people it is now and forever that the masses speak peace and not war.

Edwin Mathe in response to a BBC article on the US preparing to attack Syria 31/08/13

Enveloped Success


Businesses today are in crisis and they do not know what to do, may i just say when the whole world gets confused, a lot of us get confused too, we are so hooked up on just one person’s confusion and we end up owning such a state of mind. Most people today have said the state of the economic world is bad, yes i may say it is bad but as an individual person does the bad state of the economy of someone affect me? if the answer is yes then i am working on someone else’s mentality of success, that means if they succeed i do too, if they fail i fail too. Today i beg to differ my economic world is based on what i can invest and get out of the little or more that i make in a day, my saving skills make my economic world worse or better, this today have not even made business people start to imagine the bright side of things, if one is crying may i say be the one to comfort them not the one that helps them cry more. This idea is still wrapped up in an envelope that is why we are just confused, let us open that envelope of success and be who we truly want to be, my mind is opened up and i have opened my best ideas in success and i know you have too, that is just a secret, just enveloped success

Influence of Love


A lot of times i sit and ask myself questions, such questions at times i do not have answers to, however there is more to life than questions, i am so much concerned about our relationships today. We are a people that live on what everyone says, in short i can say our relationships are based on everyone’s opinion, troubles with relationships in our days is not because we do not understand each other, it is because we are not influenced by love. Love is the greatest aspiration in human relationships thus to say that all relationships need to be based on love, the emphasis of love in a relationship keeps it strong, the influence of love in a relationship keeps it burning. I have learnt to keep mine burning and i believe yours is as influenced by love than ambition, be blessed and be a blessing

Peace intervention


Most politicians may think that they may have their way all the time, they are the people that have caused this world to hate, they have caused the world to be in problems. Our problems are not within people hating each other our problems are within politicians from our own communities hating each other, today its all about power demonstration than the need for peace. Despite figures and power of weapons/arsenal there are people to take into consideration, these people are the power, these same people are the voice of peace, peace intervention can only be when politicians start to consult the masses on issues affecting them. The people are near that finishing line, the people shall march, the people shall speak and that moment when the masses begin to speak thus when the intervention of peace will be, the politicians power will be eroded by the will of the masses.

Edwin Mathe in response to a BBC article on the UK parliament voting highly against Syria military intervention 30/08/13

Reality of Success


Most of us have dreams that we do not follow, yet we all believe we want to be the most successful beings the world has ever produced, i do want the best out of myself but it all comes out of what is made unreal first. I have spoken a lot of times with a few people i believed had my vision, however in the cause of time i find out that the same people i give my belief and trust are the ones behind my downfall in my dream. Businessman/woman, entrepreneur and a business leader may i just say the beginning of your success is in a dream, you start by dreaming and then feel the need of following that dream, a lot of us today have stopped dreaming making the reality of your success more and more difficult, start moving towards the direction of your dream and make room for the reality of your success. If you had stopped dreaming start tonight make that dream work. Dream it, write it, own it and make it a reality, there is no simple way of greatness than that, that again is a simple way of making your success a reality. I am a dreamer, i own my dream, i have it on paper, and soon im going to see it manifest, i believe in your dream do you believe in it? if you do then lets all make it work

Dosage of Love


There are a lot of us in relationships that are in a state of mess, we are in a mess yet we still act as if we are all OK, maybe reasons are that we all do not know that we are in trouble. A lot of our relationship troubles seem normal because as we share them with friends indeed they look the same, may i say this, your problems looking the same or being the same do not make it normal, the actual fact is that you are all sick and you need a Doctor. Love is the only solution to that relationship problem a number of us are not lovers, we are feelers, we feel for each other we do not love, there are a lot of our relationships today that are based on pity, maybe i can say half/most of our relationships are pity relationships, you felt that there is a need to tell that guy/women you love them so you could help them out of their situation. Oh yes maybe i just said more truth right there, lets not fool ourselves and base our feelings on the part that love is kind, if you are in a relationship and you feel like that guy loves you because he takes care of your family, may i disappoint you and say he is not in love with you he is just maintaining you for your need, surely if they loved you they will appreciate you as you are, they will give up their fortune and walk in your shoes, just a bit of this today, let me remind you the dose of love is just the cause of your misfiring relationship you are not taking it as prescribed but you are taking it out of pity. Hoping you learn from this as i have greatly had my eyes open, be blessed and be a blessing

Peace decision


There are just not enough voices out there, there are just not enough actions to be taken out there, however the lesser voice, that most people/politicians and governments have not listened to is the smaller voice of the masses. This is a silent voice, this voice is a voice that no one can ignore as silent as it is, the voice is uncontrollable, no matter what the politicians and government say or do, this voice remains the most popular voice that can not be ignored. The masses speak day in and day out, the masses protest to make their voices heard, the masses will still speak even though there are chemical weapons that are said to destroy them, yes their voice of peace is unavoidable, this is a voice of change a voice for the people, a voice for purpose. It is a voice that can not be denied yes it is a voice that can change the decision of states over a night, this voice is a voice of peace, yes the masses have that voice. The people have been making decisions and the politicians today have opposed the people that is why the world is in trouble, this is all because politicians have ignored the decisions by the people, it is due to the politician’s decisions we are in this mess today, yes its not long since the masses will take control, yes they will take control of their destiny, they will indeed take control of the decision of peace and finally a politician will become a slave to the masses as the decision of peace prevails.

Edwin Mathe in response to a BBC article on the UK opposition Party Labor that may vote against the Syria plan 

The Challenge of Success


There are goals in life that you have set for yourself however for one reason or the other you have not achieved them or are in the process of giving them up, today is your day entrepreneur, today is your day businessman/woman i am talking to you i say it is your day business leader, that  idea that you have should not go down in your notes as failure but it has to go in your notes as favorable tasks to be completed. Success is a challenge that one sets themselves, in that challenge are so many challenges that you may face on the road, the fact that you have set yourself such a challenge giving up is not an option but a choice, what is your choice today? how are you dealing with your choice? i am challenged by success so i challenge myself to take such a challenge to levels that no one in my life have ever reached, the world is my oyster if it is my oyster it can be yours too, that can only set you to a challenge the challenge you set yourself, the challenge of success

Routine of Love


Everything has a structure, everything has a certain way its done, i become a bit more concerned when it comes to love that love has no structure, this is not because love is not structured, but we the people/human beings choose not to follow the structures of love. Our relationships today have no structure routines, day to day structures that may give us direction as to where we are going where we stand both in our families and in relationships. The routine of love has been abandoned and replaced by an i can do it all by myself attitude, that attitude have wrecked a lot of us as well as our relationships, may i just say routinely in love, one has to forgive, one has to give, one has to be patient, one has not to be selfish, one has to be kind. Wow in all this routine comes a perfect love gift, i believe that you and i today may just pick a few out of this and make our love routine work in our relationships, be blessed and be a blessing