Love like a Tennis Ball


Love is like a tennis ball, full of power to forgive, full of power to bounce back, a lot of us have been hurt, let down several times, well giving up is not an option, keep forgiving and loving so that you can be loved, the best way to overcome hurt is forgiveness, the best way to enjoy love is through forgiveness, be blessed and be a blessing.


Rapid Reaction To Peace


Our force to be equipped to learn what we often wish for is the ability to establish the best in the peace process, we are a force on our own without any chemical, leaders and civilians together we have the power to humanly get involved in the peace negotiations, our world is not peaceful because of lake of respect to peace, class can not symbolize peacepeace is only attainable when classicism takes over. Politicians and civilians alike we are all humans only divided by offices, peace calls for everyone to negotiate.

//Edwin Mathe in relation to Ghana’s President John Dramani Mahama on Militants Threatening West Africa source BBC news//

Love like Respect


Love is more like respect it is given to everyone, but how one respects is their choice, a lot of us have turned our relationships to public things where love is humiliated and it’s now just a word to say when one is avoiding an argument or when one is in need of something, love is respect so if respect is not your thing and you are in a relationship ask yourself this, how many have you gone through, and what number relationship is that one that you are in? If you answer yourself then you know what to do start respecting and start loving, be blessed and be a Blessing.

Restrained way to Peace


Despite our efforts to solidify peace, restraining ones mentality has nothing to do with the way peace is dealt with. A lot of times as leaders we restrain others thinking we are taking away their freedom yet we have not restrained their evil mind, a lot can be done for us as a people to solidify our efforts to bring peacepeace is a subject that has to be taught at a tender age hence hate cant overcome it at an adult stage, leaders today let us be teachers of peace not restrainers of those against peacepeace be the word and song for the future.

//Edwin Mathe in relation to a BBC article on UK Troops ready to hand over Afghan Detainees//

Love a trusted friend


Love is the most trusted friend that one should have, it is however out of envy that most relationships suffer love anorexia this is the disease that makes people dream and think they love yet they don’t trust, can I be blunt on someone, love is simply trust so if you in a relationship and you don’t trust someone you in a relationship with, I tell you, you guys are not in love you are imagining yourselves in love, be blessed and be a blessing.

Our future the price for Peace


The future we have may be short if peace is not well negotiated, our power is not within our arms, what we make as arms can be what we negotiate with in peace, let our trade be of poison, gas chambers, anti aircraft missiles but our efforts to pave a future for our children and our countries that we lead and aim to lead is through Peace, our road to peace is not through chemical means but through negotiations on that table, lets vie for peace not war means.

//Edwin Mathe in relation to the BBC article on Russia going ahead with the supply of the S-300 anti aircraft missiles to Syria//

Peace at all Cost


Speech opens up minds, minds open up speech, the more thoughtful we are as humanity in the art of crafting peace, the more wiser and eloquent we become in our speech to promote peace. Peace is encouraged not through weapons of mass destruction but by actions that are more thoughtful and tactical, our tactics play a vital role in negotiating peace, how do we write a good script to portray peace? human kind our thoughts, our speech can change the course of history and encourage peace not war, we are peace our speech on this table, on that meeting, our speech should utter nothing but peaceful solutions.

Together for Peace


A lasting solution to peace is working together, the more closer the clay particles are the more beautiful the port becomes, humanity has priced peace with life, life has to be enjoyed in peace not life being the alternate sacrifice for peace, together as one people we can manage to route our evilness towards issues that break us and list issues that unite us, for together our road to peace is smooth.

Hidden Victory


Victory is the best weapon hidden in a lot of us, it is however that a few people recognise that they have it, because it is with what they use everyday, the brain. Your brain holds the key to your victory so the bigger you think and the better your thought the better and bigger is your victory, most of us are down and out because our thoughts have told us we are defeated, stop living your life in defeat start winning, victory is in you mind Baby start thinking it and its yours use that weapon, be blessed and be a blessing.