The Promise of Peace


Methods of life in the war has been the story that people feel has to be told, there are ways to which life has had a great effect to human life, however no matter how much we try to construct a better life there is always something that we as humanity do not agree on. Our disagreements has caused us to be evil towards one another and we are so angry at one another, this has made us to fight and in our justification of our fights we say it is religious war. Our beliefs have caused our world to be in tatters today because we do not simply agree on simple facts, i do not understand why religion becomes a scapegoat when it comes to fighting, today Israel and Palestine are in loggerheads over their territorial control. My prayer my hope for both Israel and Palestine is to end their brutal attacks on one another and this 72 hour truce be extended to a forever peace deal, UN and the world let our prayer yield the solidarity of both nations without blame, one to another, let the war that has ravaged the future of young people in both lands end and let our hearts yield peace and peace be the song we sing for Palestine and Israel.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on Israel pulls troops out of Gaza 05.08.14 


One thought on “The Promise of Peace

  1. Interesting. What do you mean about religion being a scapegoat? Also why do you think it is that our disagreements make is hostile towards one another. I have explored some of these ideas also in my last post.

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