Value of Success


There are things one have tried and seem so hard to achieve, some that you have dream of and still there are so hard to achieve, there are ideas that you have so hard worked to get off the ground and still its hard to achieve. May I just simply say how much of value is what you are trying to set off, I mean how much value do you put on that idea that you have, how much value do you put on that dream that you are pursuing? Most of us are pursuing dreams and we do not know how much they are worth, we just pursue them for the sake of pleasing friends, thus the reason why we end up having our friends living our own dreams and in our own ideas. The value of success is based on how much you value your idea,your dream, your business vision, its all about you valuing then that will show how much success you value in whatever you do. I so much value my ideas and dreams, I know they are taking me to a place that is more comfortable than the one I am at right now, anyone with me?


A seed of Love


There is a lot of us in relationships, and such relationships are just what we solemnly wanted, people get to fight so hard to get the relationship they so wish for, a lot of us are in relationships which are more decoration than adoration. Today relationships are treated as achievement than a lifestyle, we have got people that we talk to about what relationships we want, we even now have advice on how beautiful one has to be/how handsome one has to be to get the most glamorous relationship. May i just help someone who is still in that illusion, there is a simple thing that one has to be in a relationship for, it is to love and care not to get and show, she is not a trophy that your friends got to hail you for. Woman he is not your trophy to show to your girlfriends, he is human he wants to be loved than shown around/paraded like a trophy, more of us have forgotten to love in our relationships thus when it becomes more tough we are stressed and the best way is quitting, we have more quitters than lovers. The seed of love is all about loving no matter how one one looks, how they irritate you, they are just in your life for a reason, be blessed and be a blessing

Road to Peace


Peace is a word that makes no man on earth shiver/tremble it is a word and an action that needs one to embrace it, our world has become fear infectious, politicians have manged to make people afraid. Long ago there was no word like insurgents, it all came after September 11 when the twin towers were blown, that is the time fear began. Peace and fear do not work together, peace is embracing one another and trusting each other, this is a simple road to peace it is not hard but a politician makes it harder, it is not hard but a politician fails to negotiate it.

Edwin Mathe in his own words 27/05/2014

Sparrow of Success


You are a champion but there seems to be that weight that tells you otherwise, a lot of our businesses and business ideas are going through some stuff as we all believe that we can do it. What most of us do not have even though having the zeal to succeed is how to handle your ideas and keep your dreams going. The sparrow of success is about knowing how to accommodate new dreams on the ongoing ideas you have, if i can say that most businesses today are not where they would have been all because the dream they have does not develop, there is danger in success for most of us today because we dream/have ideas and our ideas in their process of being practical we do not develop them. We do not go back to our dreams/ideas to re-evaluate where they may need developing, success is not just a one way street its a two way street, so you have to go over what you have gone past at times, this is just the sparrow of success its this beautiful as it is, i know there is someone that wants it, i just shared it with you lets enjoy it together.

The Comfort of Love


My life feels like one of a lonely man, there is no one close to talk to, my world i try to create is misconceived, there is no ambition anymore to love, as i love i am re-payed with just heartache, tell me of a world that i can build what is right for me. This is a poem that most of us are singing in our relationships, we re-cite this poem over and over again, it may not be the exact words, but the meaning is the same. Most of us in our relationships suffer the pain of loving, the pain of giving the best in our relationships. May i just help someone today the comfort of love is loving to the best of your ability no matter when you feel your back is pushed against the wall, Love has no negativity in it so shall be your attitude in your relationship. Always have this positive attitude give more, love more, forgive more, even those things that do not make you the best and do not define your true self forgive for those. May we all find this comfort of Love and just build our successful relationships, remember a healthy relationship is hard work, be blessed and be a blessing

The Clash of Peace


So much of trouble in this world, it may come not as a surprise that politicians have made this world an unbearable world to live in, politicians have failed to control their prospects of campaigning for the greater cause of peace, instead campaigning for hate and destruction of nations and peace becomes more and more difficult to attain. Ukraine has become that blank book where every politician writes and re-writes their trash and peace becomes nothing in their notes of their political quest, United Nations, EU and world leaders have done all but nothing to help Ukraine get back into her peaceful self, all they have done is impose travel bans to the Russian elite and freeze asserts of these thugs yet it benefits less an ordinary peace loving citizen in the streets. Today there has been clashes between pro-Russian separatist and Ukrainian citizens over the control of the Donetsk Airport, this is a mess, there is no Puttin and his hierarchy on the streets, yet their influence is forcing people to fight, let the world tackle this clash of peace, peace has to be for Ukraine and there has to be a lasting solution in the Ukrainian issue. Its now or never that our young generation will eat of the freshest fruits of our negotiations for peace, this is the best in light for our better world.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on Ukraine airport clash kills dozens 27/05/2014

The drive of Success


In times of distress there need to be that force that makes you go on, most of our businesses today are driven by desperation, pride, and legacy, they are not driven by the best in their thought to withstand trying times. Most of business entrepreneurs have a problem, because they have left the thought and ideas of success and have held on to desperation, everyone today is desperate to have it, they do not have the character to make it. May I just say to someone the drive of success is your thought, just your settled thought that is just simple, you do not need anything else to drive you to success, you do not need anything to drive your business to the next level but your idea/thought. This I just call the drive of success, I am driven by it i know you can be too.

Ambition of Love


There are times i just feel like i have to love, and when i do so i feel like i am not getting anything back, there are a lot more of us who feel the same in our relationship, we often feel like we give more in our relationships and receive less. Let me try and be of help to someone today, i personally believe that the ambition of love has to be driven by your understanding of the person you have a relationship with. I have in years tried to understand why i have not had long lasting relationships, the answer i found out was that i have been more selfish than loving, it has always been about me and my feelings not another person’s feelings, ambition of love has to be sharing and patience plays a great role in keeping a relationship together. Most of us are in relationships and we give less time to them, we give less commitment to those relationships, a relationship has to have a driving force, this force has to be ambitious, and that ambition is love that is just as simple as it is, be blessed and be a blessing

Historic Peace


Days have gone by and we have been reminded of the military making lives of people a lot more harder, peace has been taken in the hands of people that do not deserve to have it. Remember Egypt, it looks like there has been a similar incident in Thailand where the army think that the voices of the masses is to be defied and they the generals take charge of the country. So let me ask this question, what is meant by the term coup, i think in my own view it is a violation of the peace law by peace keepers like the army who will have thought that they can be politicians and can rule the country. Despite the army trying to silence Egyptians voting is going on in Cairo and that is the spirit of peace and the people will march, the people will speak, Egypt will get back to the hands of peace and the hands of the masses, UN and the world peace is now, let our conscious rule our minds and our hearts become a solid move towards peace

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on Egypt Votes Amid tight security 26/05/2014

The train of Success


There are a lot of us today who have tried by all means to be in a success train, they try to catch the train, unfortunately as they wait they get on the wrong train/should i say they have been at the wrong station. Most of us are just on finance trains and are thinking how come we are not successful yet, let me say that your mind can not be versed on finance and make finance your success factor, there are a lot of people that have the finances and are not successful in life, they do not know what to use the finances for. So this is what i believe in, first stop for your success is getting your mind geared to think, after you think of an idea then you have purchased your ticket to the right train, the success train, success is about your thought that is good and you know how to implement it. There is nothing today that can beat you to getting on this great success train as your ideas guarantee you other trains, oh should i say your idea is an open ticket to all Success trains, which includes the financial train. I am ready and i am in this train are you carrying the right ticket?