The Power of Love


Our lives are always reflected in what we see not what we hear, it is so amazing that at times as I reflect on my personal life, my life is a perfect reflection of a person that has truly lived through what he hears. A lot of us today do not believe in what we are taught about love, but at the same time we want to teach others how to love, love has its own way of teaching, most of us today miss the power of love because we want to teach others instead of learning from others. The power of love is based on hearing one speak the way they act around just ordinary people, family then the people they are in a relationship with. We as a people can have the power of love when we only learn from one another,let’s all be in positions of power and influence in our relationships, be blessed and be a blessing


Monitored Peace


There are times when our world needs rest, it is only the rest of us as humanity that can surely make such happen. We have been hit by political and religious doctrins that has led to much of a power wregle between politician and a religious leader, the more such wregles go, the more the masses suffer. The monitoring of peace is within the peoples eyes no matter mother power nations show their might, the monitor of peace is of the people.

Edwin Mathe in responce to a BBC article on China monitoring US bomber planes on its airspace 27/11/12

Fuel of Success


Most of the times we become so ignorant of the best things that we have in life, i have friends  today that have such wonderful ideas, however because we love people’s approval we are on ground zero in progress. May i just say to someone the fuel of success in your life or anybody around you is your motivation, if you are so motivated in doing great, you will associate yourself with people that think and live great. This is not hard just so simple that is why i call it the fuel of success, you can have it too

Sobbing Love


Most of the times we often want things done our way in a relationship, we hardly work together, we tend to think that what we say is often right and what the other person says is wrong. Most of our relationships today are in serious crisis but we act as if everything is alright, may i just say love is on the side lines sobbing tears of humanity not wanting to be in love, most of us talk love, we actually not practicing love, if we all were practicing love we would live with the fact that if you leave someone you can still talk to them, still share ideas on a personal level. Most of us are just representatives of the word love, love is the best ever thing that humanity has ever had, let us all understand each other and work harder on walking in love, be blessed and be a blessing

The blame of peace


When peace happens to be the most uncommon thing in a politicians and a religious leaders life, the people are the ones that are left on the table to negotiate. We have seen enough of war and we are indeed touched by countries that are so much hit by these crisis, our role as humanity is to know how to work with our fellow brothers and sisters from these angry nations to analyse the importance of peace. Peace can not be blamed neither can it be tamed, we are authors of peace and our voices are ringing in every politician and religious leader, peace can not be blamed no matter the case it is the people that make it to peace, when political and religious leaders are negotiating conflict the people are negotiating peace.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on Iran blaming the west on nuclear deal breakdown 12/11/13

Success Move


There are days when one feels that life is not so fare, there is nothing that we seem to be doing that is  working, yes it is so common that such things happen and such feelings are un-avoidable. The question will be what is it that you do when you are feeling this way, cry yourself to death?/just hope on the train of sorrow like everyone else and believe all will be fine? May i just say to someone today, there is nothing that is going to be fine, sorry if i did not raise your hopes too high, that is the truth, there is nothing that is going to be fine by itself. If it is going to be fine you have to work on it as a person, that idea that you have, it will not just come out of your heard, you have to work it out of your heard, make it a vision write about it, write it on walls, on your phone, tablet whichever mode where you can see that over and over again then you will move with it. That is what i call success move, it is moving me and i a moving with it, are you?

Love traits


There is a lot that we as a people have labored for in our time, hence most of the times we have nothing to show for it, we have worked so hard to make our relationships work, however the effort that we put may be not enough to those that we love. We may be struggling at times to make those that we profess to love understand our own side of the story. The truth is that there is nothing to hide yet the other person does not understand, there is nothing to talk about yet there is someone that we may be seeing and talking to according to them. Love traits are there when such efforts are put you maintain the level of intelligence to stay focused on wining the person and make our relationships work, the simple trait of love is just be the bigger person say im sorry if you are wrong, just be quick to forgive and give. Those i believe may help us grow in love for a better generation, be blessed and be a blessing

A cold war of peace


Collisions power hungry politicians make people suffer all because of their selfish ambitions, the way to address the problem to a staving nation is the provision of food, the only solution to a dying nation is to provide them with peaceful means. Today our world is staving and there are no solutions to the problems solemnly created by politicians, our world is full of wars were there is no solution to peaceful means to end the wars. People are so much defiant and the people shall rule over the dialogue of peace, the people will march to their freedom, no matter how many/how long it will take, no nuclear weapon nor dialogue will change the peace protest, the war to peace is a cold one, so the people are making it more warm by discussing and exposing the rotten efforts of both the politician and the religious leader.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on Iran backing out of a nuclear deal 11/11/13

Success raising


There is a tune that sounds wrong at all times it comes, there is a place that you feel is not the one that you have always wanted to be in, most of us are in similar positions, we have ideas and we feel like if they were to be out there, we may be in a better position, may i just ask what is it that is stopping your idea to be out there? mostly it is fear, you are afraid that maybe you are not the right kind of person to implement your ideas. There is one thing that you have to imprint in your mind and heart confidence, confidence not only in yourself but your thoughts, think your thoughts with confidence, make your thoughts work, think them with authority. Lake of confidence has made you sing the wrong notes, lake of confidence has made you be in the wrong place, so raise your success levels, be the best, do the best and there is no other success raising that you may see, it is all in you and your confidence. I see Success raising in me and i am building up for it, i believe you are too

Unbroken deal of peace


Our political world today is at loggerheads with the religious systems and political forms, while peace is waiting on the sidelines to be negotiated, hate between nations on religious matters have made humanity resolve their cases with toxic substances that has cost the world enough for a lifetime. Let hate be passed over to the animals who in their nature are fighters and hunters, humanity has peace to live for, if peace is worth dying for then it is not worth living for, may we all broker deals that include the masses, politicians make deals and they can not agree to them costing peace another fortune, may i stress the people suffer because of these ignorant, selfish politicians and religious leaders. A peace deal is yet to be broken, yes it is yet to be negotiated, the masses will negotiate peace and the politician and a religious folk will be there to witness. Sooner or later it should be put right that we all are very much convinced, the unbroken deal of peace is with the masses.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on a no deal at Iran nuclear talks 10/11/13