Un-blinkered Success


There is a lot in life that we can all give, it is however that most of us get restricted by nothing else but our thought, there is nothing more frustrating in life, to have a great idea and again the same head that thought that idea becomes an obstacle for that idea. Yes most of us are wealthy and some of us are rich, some of us are comfortable, i hate to say none of us is poor, we are all given prosperity in every way, however a lot of us choose to think poverty that’s the reason why we remain behind when others are moving. I have relatives that are in Africa, now nothing against them, but i recognized that the more i give them from my pocket, the more i suffer with them, even though i am in a better position than them, my relatives forgot that they had a life, and i became the source of life for them, they forgot their responsibilities and i became the provider of their responsibilities. Now here is my point, a lot of us become blinkered by other people’s problems and fail to look at your success, we want other people to judge our success on what we have done for others, not ourselves, i have chosen now to help in this way, if there is a river close by and one knows there is fish in there, and you want help get fish,  this is what we will do, We will both go to the river with both our baits, ill show you with your bait how to fish and then together lets go fishing, this is what i have to focus on, my problems while helping you solve yours. That is simply un-blinkered success just do not be consumed so much into other people’s mess and forget your responsibilities, it is the hash truth for most of the people, but hey we have to get this thing going, i am with you all the way lets just be successful together with no blinkers at all, anyone liking this?


Flair of Love


There is a greater feeling that one may wish for, sometimes one feels like this feeling is getting closer, but there is a distant feeling that drives it way away from an individual. Most of us today are in such hunger in our relationships, we hunger to get that love that we once had when we first met, it is a shame that maybe most of our relationships are just now a routine, there is no feeling whatsoever. I may just tick a little of help for you, you know, if one believes in what they want they surely show a determination of wanting that particular thing, there are a lot of obstacles on the way for you to get that flair of love. It is such an amazing thing that most of us give up when our relationships are closer to be in their peak of flair, we lose patience, the greater essence of a flair of love is just simple patience and hard work, work harder on your attitude, work harder on your character as a person, yes as you know one of the greatest principles of love is patience, exercise patience in everything that you do, that is just a simple way of obtaining the flair of love, be blessed and be a blessing 

Amnesty Move for Peace


What the world sees is not what people believe in, our strategies of peace are more oblique sometimes, most of our efforts of making peace a reality seem to be corrupted by the forces behind policy. What is policy when life is wasted? what is policy when living conditions of normal human beings are hash, the favor of greater life remaining with a politician/a religious leader? don’t we all want a good and fairer justified life? i guess we all do want a fairer share of the pie in countries that we live in. Ukraine today is an example of a nation that wants its fair share of the pie with its politicians and the government, protesters have been given amnesty with conditions, what is amnesty? guess if that word may be re-defined then i may understand, the first thing that the protesters where thrown into prison, is the reason that the government uses to try and scare those that are still in the streets as to negotiate by giving up, such that their colleagues in prison can be free. They want their fair share, so whatever the officials in Kiev are doing it should be in the interests of the people not their interest, the amnesty move for peace is within reach when the masses are the ones that are involved and their needs are met, for peace can only be when the masses are consulted.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on Ukraine protesters defy amnesty move 30/01/14 

Desired Success


There are times when you believe so much in something and you do not have a clue how to go about it, there goes a lot of work in encouraging one to believe, however there is a lot more work to help someone that believe and do not know what they believe in. I personally have believed that i can practically do almost anything in life, but as i set to do the practicality of belief becomes an obstacle, there are more people like myself out there that just believe yet have no desire to do, there are two things in believing in something and believing and having a desire to do, you can believe because you see something, or you have a sign of something, however believing and having a desire to do is a challenge that most of us are still dealing with today, Success is to be desired and once you desire to see your ideas or dreams reaching out the top of the brand, surely your success rate is above belief. I so much desire that you and i can believe and have this zeal and hunger to do what we believe our ideas can bring us in life in the year 2014, if it hit you please just come on with me lets do what we both know best, it is desired success surely i desire it too, do you?

Fruits of Love


Most of us today are dying quietly in relationships, our relationships are no longer what they used to be, they become like a game, in this game you have to take a chance to win. May i just say love is not a game its is a lifestyle, you live love, just as when you live a life you have the laws that govern the land and the laws that keep you as a person in check, love is just like that, it is however that most of us are not in check with the life that love wants to live in us/within us. We are so used to doing things that are not working in our relationships, that we try so hard to make work, love is a fruitful lifestyle, it gives, it forgives, it is not selfish, it does not keep record of wrongs, it is kind, it is patient, above all it is transparent. What fruits does your relationship have, if none try planting the seed of trust first, then follow up with the rest of the above, i pray that you be helped by this message and be blessed as well as being a blessing

Honor of a Hundred of Peace


While the world is waiting, peace seems like a hard thing to come by, while negotiations go by there are masses that are in desperate need of refuge, peace claims a lot and it gives out a lot in the process. Syrians are on the table discussing their future, they all made it by themselves, now what the world has to do is help in all possible ways to make such a wonderful action work for the better both for the people of Syria and the world in peace at large. Today the UK has accepted to take under its wing hundreds of Syrians, giving them refuge temporally as the peace talks are going on in Geneva, it may never be too late for a kind gesture from the UK, what acts of kindness can the UN further give, how is the envoy for Syria doing in the negotiations? we as the world are in honor of a hundred of peace, as the UK plays its part to honor the best possible way of negotiating peace in Syria, such could be expected from other nations for this world to be a better and peaceful world.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on UK takes in hundreds of Syrians 29/01/14

Instilled Success


I have been in a place that sometimes talking about seems like a whole two years worth of story in a day, however i have to point this out, being a victim of political abuse i know what it means to be instilled with fear, this is not what i want to scare people on here today with, my aim is to get success to reach you as simple as possible. Just like one tortured, so fear can be instilled in them, thus how success has to be in all of us, let your ideas make room that even those that think you can not make it, feel like you are too big for them. It is about how you talk about yourself, how you carry yourself, like fear is instilled into a person for them to be afraid, then success can be instilled, such that the mentality of failure in you will be afraid of you as a person, make sure in your life that there is zero tolerance of failure, that big dream you have, that big idea you have, all of this is bursting to come out. Remember it is only you as a person, Who can tell your  dream, yes baby come out, tell that idea you are welcome in my head and brain, my brain only functions with only big ideas, yes no matter how small you look at yourself, you are big in every way. I instill success in everything that i do, i taste it, i smell it, i live it, im more closer to it than i have ever been, failure fears my ideas, failure is just on the sidelines, success plays this game, what  plays your game?

Love like a breeze


There are times when one feels like you have been freed from a prison, you feel so fresh, you feel like the whole world is your oyster, there is no limits to what you can do in your relationship. Most of us today lake that breather, they lake the spirit of moving on in life, the reason why you are not feeling the breeze, this is all because you are just too embroiled in your past, may i just say to someone today, you can not live your present life in the past, it is impossible. Today most of us are free from our past relationships, we have been freed from jail, but we want to take the jail with us to our free land, this i mean we start relationships, i mean new relationships while still holding on to the last relationship, this is just like the second episode of a horror movie, where you are waiting to pounce. One has this in their mind and heart, if he/she ever does what so and so did to me, this time ill show him/her what i am made of, we are in revenge with the wrong people who are not in any way compared to the past person you were with, you left prison but you are still carrying the keys, you may go back if you want to, you can only enjoy your love that is like a breeze if you get out of your past completely start afresh make this one count for the better, it hurts to be out, but once you out its best to live afresh, i believe this may help you if you are going through stuff in your relationship, its hard i know but just let it go and enjoy your next bus with new opportunities, this is just love like a breeze i feel it and i am inspired you are not going to be burdened by your past in your new relationship, be blessed and be a blessing

Protesting Peace


Our world has been governed by fear instead of trust and freedom, the press today is said to be free, but in some parts of the world the press becomes pressed, in Europe it is a human right to say whatever you want when you want, same as in the US, it is however that what you say need to be within the limits of the law. Now if this was to happen in Africa, one would be rotting in a jail with the keys thrown away in some curve that no one would want to go to to look for, so that the person be free, people in Africa are arrested because they protest for their rights, it is a legal right for people to protest, a protest simply means people are lacking the trust and peace that the government is offering, when that happens because of a politician wanting the comfort and not giving in to the masses, who voted him/her into power, he/she tries to abolish the law that allows people to speak out. Ukraine has shown to the world that it is not the best thing in the world to deny the people their rights, UN and the world let us all stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine in congratulating its parliament on a very good job of  abolishing the anti-protest laws that would have not allowed people to protest, the masses vote the government into power and if the government is not doing what the people are happy with, they have the right to protest and it is their freewheel of peace to do so. Let the spirit of restoring peace and order in the world be without loss of life and the spirit of protesting peace be within the people of Ukraine.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on Ukraine annuls anti-protest law 28/01/14

The Right of Success


I have lived in poor environments, i have seen how people struggle in life to make ends meet, there is one thing that i do not agree with even though i am from such environments, what i do not agree with is that Africa is a dark continent, i believe Africa is a bright continent made dark by our thoughts. We may have gone through/are still in brutality, either with one another or with oppressors i believe that we are just battling for brightness. Well success is at the same time a belief, once you believe you have the right then you can access the best in success, i have the greater ability to bring my ideas to life, i make my dreams work, this blog works for you and it lifts you up, so i believe that success is yours thus the reason i blog, thus the reason i believe that it is your right to be successful, i believe in you hence i know that both of us have the right to be successful, do you believe with me? anyone here with me or am i the only believer on this blog?