Strategy of Success


A lot of us today have thoughts and we fail in the implementation strategy, this is not because we can not do what we think, hear me somebody. We are where we are because we have stuck to other people’s strategies not our own, if you have been told that your idea does not make it to the top it is you as an individual to work harder to be at the top. May i just encourage someone today, do not be let down by talk, do not be scared of what people say, they may say and do nothing. Think strategies that will bring forth your product, dedicate too much of your time in thinking how to make your ideas work than dedicating too much of your time telling people about how your idea/dream will pen out at the end. Most of us do not make it in life not because we have no strategies, we fail because our strategies are not ours they are other peoples. If you think your idea, make it yours by making up your own strategy, set out how you are going to archive your goals, do not just think and expect someone else to have a strategy for your success, remember think,  have strategies and achieve. That is the simplicity of all strategies of success, has anyone ever thought of being up at the top? i guess i am coming to the top with someone today, are you the one?


Partiality of Peace


There are things in life that can be done in part, there are things in life however that can not be dealt with in part. Humanity today have made peace a part exchange deal, the more you do not work with me the more i withdraw my services kind of thing, peace is not a service industry, it is human conscience, it is human wheel its what the people want and not what governments want. I am deeply saddened of what the Government of Botswana want to do, The government of Botswana has at present turned discriminating towards its own people, the Basarwa people that are known as bushman have been told by the government to relocate and be civilized as the government says it wants the best for these people. World over tell me of a nation without tribes and their beliefs? the Basarwa people are not a danger to the government/themselves in any way, they are and have just been living their life in the desert surviving without any government help/funding, so now help me and this blog understand why the government of Botswana want to trouble this tribe. Humanitarian organisations and all that are peace loving citizens of the world, help the Basarwa community in obtaining their right to live in their own country in peace. Russia as well is also a puzzle that is becoming a bully in Ukraine, just remove those troops in any part of Ukraine place them elsewhere, UN, EU and world leaders let us do something in peace for peace to prevail in full in the world, Ukraine and the Botswana Basarwa people need their freedom and peace in full. Let peace reign and let us all have a smile for the better of this world.

Edwin Mathe in relations to both articles one from the Sunday Standard of Botswana on Basarwa Unite against oppression and a BBC article on Russia in Partial Border Pullouts 31/03/2014

A successful mind


There is no shorter blog than this one today, i am just going to be straight to the point, success is in your mind and the more you think positive about yourself the more closer you are to your greatest potential. Most of us are not yet in their great potential places because we are not thinking successfully, may i just say to someone success is just within your reach, success is in your mind, no matter who/what tries to stop you just think success, have that mind hooked up on success, and that to me my friend is proof of success and that indeed is a successful mind. Do you have that kind of mind?

Intensity of Love


A lot of us as people today cry and go through stresses of what we all begin, we enter into relationships in our own accord, no one forces us to. There are such devastating things that people end up doing in the name of love, most of us end up in hate of one another all in the quest of saying that we are in love. I have in years seen most of my relationship go down the drain all because mostly i have been regarded as a soft person, may i just help someone who may be going through a similar kind of situation in life. There is nothing wrong about being soft on things in your relationship, it is how much of seriousness your softness makes your relationship, i have read a passage somewhere that says that “a soft answer, turns away wrath and a hush answer stirs anger” see the intensity of love is just based on your soft answer and attitude to things and your relationship, this is just your simple way of understanding your relationship and this indeed can make your love more intense. Be blessed and be a blessing

Withdrawal of Peace


It has been such a long wait for the world to hear the fate of flight MH370, we are in wait as the prayers that we pray day by day, that the 239 passengers of the B-777-200 Malaysian Aircraft will be found in one perfect peace. It is this blog’s intention to make note that most of its readers also pray that there be a great solvent of this mystery of this missing plane, our prayers are still with the families of the 239 passengers on board the plane. Back to today’s blog the withdrawal of peace, Russia has made it clear that they are continuing with their invasion of Ukraine by forcing the Crimean Government to join them in their illegal Federation. Today Ukraine as a country has been forced to withdraw its forces out of Crimea as it looks like that is no more Ukrainian soil, but Russia’s. UN, EU and world leaders are we going to sit and watch this catastrophic act of inhumanity continues right in our noses, let there be the replacement of peace in Ukraine and Russia hands off on the Crimean people they belong to Ukraine, peace has to be forever cherished and Ukraine has done whats right for her people.

Edwin Mathe in relations to both  BBC articles on Ukraine orders Crimea withdrawal and Plane search race to recover debris 24/03/14

Just Success


There are a lot of us today who are just stagnant and we have made life more uncomfortable for ourselves. Do you know that when you have a negative thought you are closing your success door, i grew up in Africa and the climate i grew up in forced hope to die even in my parents lives. I have been told that i am just going to be part of that society that is always living life for today that does not even dream of tomorrow, if i was to think the way i was forced to think, i believe i would still be in a system that decays and deteriorates everyday. My thought began with a little hope of success, then i started believing in the opposite to what my climate looked like, my positive thought began opening doors for me. Today if there is someone that finds themselves, in Soweto, the Projects, wherever your location is, let me tell you a simple thing that you did not see all are long, you are just different and you have to think positive, its just success that you need to think of. Your thought will get you out of the projects, your thought will make your Soweto a better place you live in, your thought will get you out of the council estate. It is your thought that will lead you to just success and this is what it is, if you thought you will remain the same, this blog will make you understand that start thinking and start archiving, its just success.

Shift of Love


Most of relationships are so dampened by the notion of culture, our ways of doing things are the same, we have now set up love cultural societies instead of relationships. I have found this so intimidating a lot of times when you find especially woman, they have a tendency of thinking that man know what they want and man know how to answer their questions. Women tend to make assumptions man tend to be direct and if a man is not sure he says it out of truth a woman makes the truth out of assumption, i know this may sound sexist but that is what have made our relationships today what they are. If we both understand one another as to the direct truths of love then our mentality of tradition becomes a shift in the way we look at love. Like its attributes, love does not seek its own, it is not selfish, it is polite/kind, it gives and forgives, these among other things if followed very well there will be a shift of love in all our relationships, be blessed and be a blessing

Illegal Authority on Peace


There are a lot of us today that may believe in what we see, but in actual fact most of us are forced into believing what we believe. Russia has in today’s world shown that they can indeed make people believe by force that they own them, and their country. First they illegally invaded Crimea making that little Ukrainian state terrified and rush into making decisions that have left the country in Russian hands. Yesterday Putin and his invaders took into making it more illegal by signing Crimea into their Federation, world over what a pity, what do we do when Russia is proving to be a global bully. Putin and his government have bullied the world and insulted the sovereignty of Ukraine, it is time the world put an end to this illegal authority of peace. Peace has to be now and Ukraine has to gain Crimea back into her hands, no matter how this is done let the illegal invasion of another country be put to an end.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on pro Russians enter Crimea naval base 19/03/14

Mentality of success


The best in every human being is in the brain, the best way you think the more of greater results you get. I was born and bred in a family where my father did not believe that i could be as influential as i am today, to my father what i was to him, i was a waste of space and effort. I do not blame my father, as i happen to have learnt from him the greatest weapon of success. The more my father called me names the more i got used to making myself resistant to failure, as my father named me Edwin which literally means a rich friend, that to me was just enough to motivate me to be what i wanted to be. Now let me tell someone today, no matter what you are being told, no matter how much of you have been eaten up by people in gossip, may i just tell you the mentality of success is to do the best that you are doing to make them more of talkers and you becoming more of an achiever. See that is just simple, think big, do big things, one thing i know is that your big idea is scary and it makes people talk, if it was small no one would find it interesting to talk about. So do not worry keep that mentality you are in the right direction, lets keep thinking big and the more noisier the better, i am on this mentality all the way, do i have someone coming with me?

Lovable scent


A lot of the times we are so consumed about the tiny grittiness of our relationships yet we forget the simple things that come with our relationships. I am just so inspired by how a lot of our cultural dimensions play a role in how we behave in our relationships. There are times when i sit and watch mostly the older generation, those that lived in the sixties and the seventies, they had healthy lifestyles in relationships. The problem that we have today is the freedom of choice that we all misuse, we scrutinize almost everything to detail. Our relationships are no longer based on love, they are based on why do we love, how do we love, what is it that you love about me. All these questions  spoil the scent of love in relationships, today starting a relationship is like applying for a job. You have to impress in an interview, you have to show you deserve that person, so if i may ask is it a one way stream or a two way stream. That is just a question for another day, yet the best lovable scent is with you as an individual learning to appreciate the person you are with for who they are, either a family member/spouse, be blessed and be a blessing