Glory of Success


It is hard to define at times how we feel about failure, most people will just think it is embarrassing, most will think it is humiliating, well all this is not as good as one thinks failure is painful. I am one person that can tell you today that failing is not an easy thing that just goes by easily, failure lives with you and to say it is painful, yes i may agree and say indeed failing is like a scar/wound, Success on the other hand is so sweet it makes one feel on top of the world, however most of us want to succeed on top of failures, the only way to succeed is to live your life as there was no yesterday, yes you messed up the last time but you have another chance make it right, i am in my glorious zone of success because i have mastered not to fail my future because of my past. I have the glory of success and i glow big time, do you?


Love like a candle


In most cases we are just tired to do what is right because we believe that it is right, we do what is wrong and complain when consequences of our actions catch up with us. Love is more like a candle if not lit, it is just wax and thread, but when lit it is light to the space given, though deem, the candle symbolizes tenderness of light, at times we have used a candle for just romantic dinners, romantic exchanges and so on, how many of us do really mean what they light the candle for? most of us are in relationships for just routine’s sake, they are just there because they have to fulfill a certain need in life, either a sexual need or just the part of you having a man/woman in your life. May i just say to someone today love is more than what you think you are in a relationship for. Without tenderness you can not love, without meekness/gentleness you can not love, without patience you are not fit to love, without forgiveness you fail the test of love, without giving your exam in love is void, so what are you? a lover or something else, ill leave you to figure that out yourself, be blessed and be a blessing.

Humanitarian Peace


It is our legal right as humanity to access all peaceful means, it is also our notable differences that makes this world a more exciting place to live in. Today our politicians have taken the mandate and oath to divide the world, not putting solemnly the whole blame to such people that we call our representatives in parliaments across the globe, but to give that blame as well to some of our humanitarian ideas that we come up with as people all in the name of religion. Peace is nether for the politician nor for a religious folk, it is the verdict given by the people, at the end of such a ruff road to peace the people will come out with victories, politicians and religious folk have to understand that the power of peace is with humanity, not within political and religious laws, Peace for humanity is what the people crave and cry for.

Edwin Mathe in response to a BBC article on car bomb blasts that claimed dozens of lives in Baghdad Iraq 30.09.13

Resilient Success


Most of us have modified our interests to try and suit our friends, we have adopted things that we did not believe work for us, all this because of our friends, may i just say to someone, there is no secret and short cut to success. Success is straight forward no matter what you believe in, it may have looked like a short cut, but it has come from hard work and resilience, not giving up, most of our ideas and businesses suffer because we give up, we are not persuasive of what we believe in. In most cases we are pursuing other people’s interests that is why our own businesses or ideas do not work because we have modeled them to someone else’s. From today know that what you believe in is right and if there is an objection take it as an encouragement to believe more in your business/idea, that i call resilient success, that is what has made me to be what i am today i believe you have it too

Emblem of Peace


We are a subject of many attacks world over, our spirits are more than just inspired, they are more than resilient, it is just a matter of time that we are heard as a people marching on and screaming peace. We have been tortured, bruised, buttered and humiliated, as we have gone through this, peace has suffered far more than what we as a people have gone through, there is hope and there is victory at the end of this strong tough road, peace is a song that the masses sing, political recording studios do not want to record this song as they believe that it is not a malty-platinum hit. The emblem of peace is recorded by the people and this emblem is clearly visible to the politician, please do record with us this song as it is for the world, it is a song for peace and that is a song by the people.

Edwin Mathe in response to a BBC article on a deadly blast that hit the Pakistani Market 29/09/13

Success Mind


There are just simple rules in life mostly i can say just two, work hard and get what you work for, keep what you work for by multiplying it, then the rest is protocol, success is in the mind of a person, there is no success school that can make one successful. Despite volumes and volumes of letereture, no one can say they succeeded through them, i guess most of the people are still searching for this so called success despite having books on success. May i just simply inspire one person today, maybe two or you may be the third one, success is just making use of what you think of, keep it in your mind repeat it over and over and start dreaming about it, then start believing it is possible then just that simple your mind is painted with success, i have made it not that big but i am happy with my progress so far and i believe you can make it too

Adopted Peace


Most of the times there are no ways we can fight with forces that are seemingly greater than us, yet in this world full of possibilities we can at times, it is however that most of the fights are just simple to fight and we tend not to worry preparing for them. Politicians and governments have made a lot of battle fields and they may have won most of them, however the people’s choice have ever been the greatest defeat politicians ever have, the masses crave for peace. Politicians have failed to negotiate peace they have most of the times ignored the call for peace by the people, today the adoption of peace has been with the people, the people have adopted peace and there are resolutions that politicians and governments can not do without, that is the will of the people, no chemical weapon can change the adoption of peace, neither any religious insurgents can derail the force of adoption of peace.

Edwin Mathe in response to a BBC article on the UN adopting Syria chemical weapon resolution 28/09/13

Success Up Your Sleeves


There are hidden treasures in our lives, some that we know of, some that we have to discover ourselves, sometimes such treasures are not in those places that are so complicated to find, sometimes yes indeed there are in those places that are so difficult to find. Let me just add a bit of inspiration to your day as a business person today or aspiring business person, success is just under your sleeves and you just been wearing that shirt and not knowing how much of success you have, success is just that simple idea you have and that simple thought you think everyday, may i say to someone just discover what you do best and stick to it, do it in the best way that you can, that is simple success up your sleeves, i have discovered what is best for me and i capitalize on it, it works and i know it will work for you too, stop complicating success you just have it, start living in it

Power of Love


There are reasons sometimes to quit what we are in, at times it may be boring, at times more than time consuming, may i just say today to someone, quitting is not the solution to the problems. A lot of us believe that when a relationship gets harder that is the point it is showing/telling you to give up, wrong i say, the power to overcoming your toughness in a relationship is loving and keep up care, keep up patience, keep up the unselfishness going, be the one that give and be the one that does good no matter the cause. See a lot of us are where we are because we are practically afraid to do what is perfectly right, that is to love even though it means you have to give in, the power of love is with you as an individual, so what is it going to be? run or love and enjoy the fruits of hard labor? be blessed and be a blessing

Talking Peace


There is a powerful statement that is made by corporate people and this statement has been a subject of many politicians who have tried to sabotage the power of corporate voice. Peace has began to talk its own language, neither extremist forces against it/politicians that are sited around tables making and drafting laws that oppose peace can understand this language, it is however that the masses/the people understand it better as they are the inventors of such a language. We mourn the dead and we believe that the price that has been paid is a black mark to stain peace, however the case peace can not be stained and it can not be tamed, no matter how much of force an extremist/terrorist organisation tends to give itself, peace remains the powerful tool that the people have, they speak peace, people initiate it, they know it, therefore it is again the people that are on the table right now negotiating peace, new weapons of mass destruction invented or yet to be invented are never the power to destruct peace, the power of the people will speak volumes of peace and that time to do so is now.

Edwin Mathe in response to both BBC articles on first the President of Kenya’s declaration of a three day mourn for the lives lost during extremists attacks and Iran saying it is ready to discuss its nuclear weapons program