Perception of Success


There are times when we feel like we can not be bothered doing certain things in life, we feel like there is a lot of time to do whatever needs doing for that particular day. May i just say to someone the shorter your sight is, the shorter you are to your success, most of us perceive small visions, that is why we are always in small success, we are eager to see big things yet our minds are thinking small. Your perception of success depends on your thought, how you think makes a way to how much of a result you expect, i perceive great success, i feel it, i think it, i walk it, and i make it work do you perceive anything?

Hero of Love


A love so true

A love so gentle

A love so kind

This love i long for

What can i do, where do i start?

I was made to love and love stays in me, this is a song that most of us may love to hear, there are beautiful crafted songs to which most of us would love to hear, however due to our feelings demanding their needs we all end up in relationships where there is no hero to help us stand/to help us get to places where we long to be in relationships. May i just say Love is everyone else hero, it protects and cares, as you know love values are kindness, gentleness, giving and forgiving, not keeping record of wrongs and patience. Many of us are searching for a hero of love, never knowing  that this hero we all have, the hero of love is you, and just simply follow the guidelines of Love then you are a hero in your own relationship, Merry Christmas and a happy, full of love 2014, be blessed and be a blessing

Swift Move of Peace


There are peaceful ways to which humanity can handle a crisis, it is however that due to the demand of war weapons that the world manufacture as food, war becomes an economic wagon. Peace can not be as long as we as nations are still in the business of manufacturing deadly weapons and loaning them to those that have conflicting ideas, if conflict is fueled by a latest AK 47 whichever way there is no longer negotiations, there is war, world over, governments, our financial status lies in peace not in the weapons that we manufacture, United Nations as a body do something about South Sudan, no one from the UN has spoken on the issues of South Sudan, UN you are a peace enforcing organisation, where are your peace methods, how are they working, peace now or more war in South Sudan what is the solution?.

Edwin Mathe in response to a BBC article on South Sudan army set to move on rebel held town of Bor 23/12/13

Conquering Success


Most of us have ideas and yet they do not have the fighting spirit, they can not defend what they think of, we are a human race that is full of success, yet most of our own countries in the world are in clustering poverty, i am a man that believes in change, changing the people i live with, changing the environment i live in, changing the ideas of those that mean a lot to me which are the people in general. I have great ideas and i do not say that my ideas are the best, but i believe in them that what makes those ideas stand out, most of us today have great ideas and are good to succeed, however the thought of us standing for what we believe in becomes a threat, and then our ideas die in our minds. May i just encourage someone today, if we all agreed on ideas we have then we all could be having one car, one type of lifestyle, however we have different styles of life so is success there are levels to which you have to fight for your idea to come out, conquer the adds to enjoy the best. That is just my belief and i believe it may help you to make your own success work for you.

Life of Peace


It is still a disheartening situation in South Sudan, how are we as human beings get to report news as to how our own people get attacked, yes it is not according to the way peace is handled, our governments are the way and force to peace, as we the people have initiated our governments into power. We as the world crave for peace, South Sudan is not an exception, world leaders it is vital that in times of trouble, we also concentrate on bringing peace instead of evacuating our own citizens, as a peace loving people and a peace life people our aims and objectives should be to end the trouble liaising with our people on the ground, peace can not be as long as we keep running away from the truth that our people being there is a cause for us to start a dialogue of negotiating peace. The life of peace is not taking our own utensils and leave the others who are not ours behind, in simple terms we are saying that our children go play in the jungle with others and when a lion strikes we serve our own children, not the society, who will be the society if our own children are left alone with no one else to play with? lets forever be glued to peace resolutions not running our own citizens away from peace.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on South Sudan Evacuation planes fired on 21/12/13 

Destined Success


I have been so much in poverty that i forget what it means to be successful, even to all those things that do not involve finances, i have become even bankrupt out of ideas. This is the state that most of us are in, in today’s world, businesses, entrepreneurs, ordinary people have lost their ability to think, thinking is a lifelong process, if you think you are making a plan, by producing a plan, you are creating a route, by creating a route, you have a destination in mind. Most of us today we are not successful not because there are no resources, but because we have stopped seeing where we are going/we have stopped thinking of our plans, start reviving that thought, start making that plan, start seeing that plan in motion have a destination where your idea is heading, think, think, think, think and think someone out there your success is in your idea, just think, yes that i call destined success it has made me move slightly out of my poverty margins, i am not happy yet but i have started thinking towards my wealthy place, see ill get there and i believe you can too

Limitless Love


A lot of the times i have counted the amount of money and effort that i have put for other people, in doing so i have believed that giving money and time and resources shows how much i care for those people, unfortunately how wrong i was, love is far beyond money and time you can easily provide that without your heart in it. There are a lot of us today who are investing so much money and time in their relationships, yet their mind and heart are not in the relationship, but the reward they expect out of that relationship. May i say first of all before you invest anything in your relationship you should invest your mind and heart to your relationship, then if you see that the rewards of your heart and mind, seeing that they are yielding fruits then you can invest whatever resources that you have in the relationship, may i just say to someone today, love is limitless, it is however that we as human beings limit it in all areas of our lives. This i mean by starting to class ourselves in different categories, yes it is good to have good aspirations but never let aspirations be your attributes into a good loving limitless relationship you wish for, no one is perfect out there, we are all working progress, so lets not limit love lets be in love go deeper and expect the best out of what we have at the moment, merry Christmas and a limitless love filled 2014, be blessed and be a blessing