Austerity Peace


Blows can be thrown by a great boxer but if he has no opponent to throw those blows to, champions are more focused on the process of the result than the outcome

The notion of peace has become a notion that simply doesn’t include democracy and the will of the people these days, politicians cling to power at the expense of the masses today change is no longer change but passage of power, from one evil corrupt government to another, yet peace is rusty in the pavement of justice for the masses.

Austerity of peace is just the power of politicians imposed on the will of the masses never allowing the masses to have a voice on how Peace is negotiated, United Nations and the world there is a crisis in Zimbabwe, South Sudan, Syria and all other nations that are craving for peace

We can not ignore the crisis of peace in these nations, we are squeezed into wanting nothing but peace, it’s peace now or the Austerity of war

Yours signing with the spirit of peace



Sentiment of Love


A lot of times we often want to model people the way we think and do things, we forget that everyone is different, they are a different person in their own right, they were born and raised different from us that makes them their own individual.

Most of us in today’s relationships we enter in them out of reason to want to make a person to the way we want that particular individual to be in our own making, it’s not that we love the person but we feel obligated to make certain changes in their lives so that we can take a lot of credit for who they have become if they become some version of what we actually desired them to be.

Love stands on its own it doesn’t change one person for another but grows both individuals for the best of themselves, thus is a sentiment of Love, you and I can enjoy the best of it when we skip the want to fix something and somebody syndrome

We can have that sentiment of Love and build prosperous relationships

Yours in Love


Symbolic Leadership


In a lot of our human life, it is highly recommended that a leader in life has to celebrate the best in their team, a good leader gives credit to a team, a good leader is not selfish, they do not think about themselves at the account of others. A good leader accounts for the best in their team, they give advantage to the ones they lead, they create the best for those that have not felt as the best in their team.

True leadership is based on sacrifices that don’t favour self but favours co-operation and reward in team effort, let us all be leaders that do not want to be significant, but makes someone else significant, let’s all make a difference in our lives, and the world we live in, as well as those that we serve in our corporations/organisations.

Yours in Leadership

Edwin Mathe

Seed of Love


There are ways in which we always try to hold on to what we believe is the best, it is however that sometimes no matter how great and beautiful what we try to hold on to if it has no love in it then we are as good as having nothing

In beginning of relationships it is ideal that we set our purpose as to what relationships we desire and how we would want these relationships to grow. Most of us do not have any idea as to why they are in relationships they are in, they just in it for fun no plan.

When you plant something from it’s seed form you have the expect growth and you expect to reep at the end of it all, most of us in our relationships we have invested every single thing available to the world yet we still don’t make the cut, there is a simple thing that one needs to invest it is the seed of love once you invest this, you definitely have the best of your relationships

Love is key

Love is life

Yours in Love


Purposeful Success


Your eyes should always be open wide to opportunities, your mind should be quick to process the ideas in regards to your dreams, your heart should be hungry to keep going and love the passion and power you possess to make your ideas and dreams come to life.

Most of us give up in business, in our dreams, opportunities that are out there all because we look at the end of the journey and not focus on traveling the actual journey, we fail to succeed not because we are not able to but because we are not able to go all the way through

Purposeful Success is the inner desire to keep what is acquired through sleep, made manifest by achievement, completed by desire to make better what you are good at, you can not go anywhere when you don’t plan how to get there.

Have a purpose for your success

Yours in Success


Trusting Love


Our lives are such beautiful and busy, at all cost we try to accommodate the very essence of relationships.

Our relationships in our today’s world lake a cirtain spark which keeps relationships together for a long time, this thing is trust, most of our relationships lake trust because we enter in these relationships with only what we can get out of them.

We now have what can be termed as pay as you go Love in our relationships, we happen to be in relationships for certain aspects of things we can get out of them, we often use love as the face of what we want, we do not care weather there is trust and honesty in it as long as we get what we need from it.

Trust and love go hand in hand hence they say love is patient and kind, kindness go hand in hand with trust, so are we going to love for the sake of love and trust in one another, or we are just going to be in relationships just for the sake of what we can get out of them?

Its just trusting love and I’m dedicated to it are there still some of us that still do as I am?

Yours in Love


Circle of Success


At times we are all in dreams and when we dream we aspire to follow through our dreams yet when we are in Moments of achievement we forget to grow that dream and we end up like a one hit song album.

Success is a present and exciting process, what you achieved doesn’t matter when you don’t continue in the process of achieving, most of us die with what they achieved and don’t live to what they desire to continue achieving.

The circle of success is the positive power of keeping your dreams and desires alive, an unending hunger in maintaining excellence in what you are good at, you can never stop achieving the more you achieve the more hungry you should be to  succeed

Success is not for just now, it is for tomorrow, the day after and the one after and further the one after, don’t stop dreaming

Yours in Love