The Umbilical Chord Of Success


Power is generated from fragments of small forces coming together, there are times when we often will need some people in our lives to urge us in the right direction, not that we will be headed in the wrong direction but we may at one point or another need a push towards what we desire. Such is Success, success is built not instant most of us have thought success and want success however they want it instantly, success is a process just as an umbilical chord that sustains an unborn baby, so as long as you are growing in your dreams you definitely need someone that would bring in great ideas towards your dreams.

Remember the umbilical Chord of Success is in your desire to be patient and persistent in what you are good at, desire, patience and persistence brings the umbilical chord of success, you and i can both make this world a much enjoyable world full of successful individuals.



The Truth In Love


Love has never been unreliable but humanity in turn has been unreliable, we live in a world that is full of selfishness. Today no one loves without conditions, you love me for what i have not for who i am kind of scenario, let me be frank with someone today, love is truthful, a lot of us have wasted a lot of time trying to find a perfect guy/woman, the one that thinks like you do, does things the way you do, may i just blow your candle out, such a person who does everything that satisfies you, is only yourself no one else, all we need in life is that particular person that loves the truth in us, that person who will love us the way we are and the person that can still say its OK on things that you see as faults, yet they will tolerate us with our faults.

The Truth in love always keeps our minds and souls in sink, may we all love for the reason of love and love in truth not in favor. Let love abide, let love build, Its how our world has to be, full of love and true love


Edwin Mathe

Love with No Boundaries


Love has no boundaries, a lot of us today have valued love as the possessions of a person than the progression of an individual in life. Love is not about what one has but what one thinks towards the future, you can have as much financial muscle but still have boundaries when you have no love, love equips and it liberates oneself to all aspects of life, giving you satisfaction of what you possess as an individual. You can make your relationship work by not setting boundaries on what you possess in it and start making provisions for your relationship, love is giving and kind it can stretch to no matter how far you want it to as long as you have not boundaries you set yourself in your relationship

This is love without boundaries and I believe you and I can live to enjoy in it to make a difference in our world that surely is in need of love, remember to live life, love life, be blessed and be a blessing one to another

Edwin Mathe

The Ability of Love


There are times when our lives feel so empty, those we used to love are not anywhere near what we thought they would be, promises that we all held on to not living up to the way we expected them to be. I know someone right now may be thinking, oh gosh this author is talking as if he knows what I am going through, maybe i may have also have gone through what you are going through right now, however there is a great solution, the ability to love even at times when you feel low. May i say to someone i know your relationship may not be what it may have been in the past, but you can change its future by simply loving that being the way they are, understanding that all of us are not perfect but are working towards perfection.

The ability of love has patience in it as its best and moral value, where are you right now and how far are you heading towards your redemption of your relationship? let the ability of the patience in love be the influence of redeeming the best in your relationship.

Remember to live life, love life, be blessed and be a blessing

Strategy of Love


There are great experiences in life, some experiences are not that great and the ones not so great experiences in life are the ones nomally that live long in our memories. Love is the greatest feeling and experience in all humanity, experiences in love can either shape us as humanity to be better or be worse off in our daily lives, it does not mean that love isn’t good either way. The strategy of love is forgiveness, no pride, giving, patience, unselfishness and respect above all, let us all strategise in love and take our relationships further to the best life can ever give. Remember to live life to the fullest, love the same life you live, be blessed above all be a blessing too

Authority of Success


At times I’ve wondered how I’ve gotten to a place I am now, then I recognise one great aspect about my life, which is drive, I am a purpose driven person. The only thing that can authorise success in ones life is drive, the wheel to establish and do things, a lot of us have great ideas but lake passion, ambition and the drive to establish their great ideas. The purpose of your existence has to be driven by the hunger to establish what you think and what you aspire to do, success has to have authority in your thought, its authority has to drive you purposefully and make you want to reach the unreachable. I know I can and you and I can be driven by this authority to succeed so let do this

The existence of Love


The best ability in our lives is to know how to express ourselves, expression in life may help shape our lives/may destroy our lives completely. Love exist so that everyone can be accommodated in their own expression, some of us may have a softer approach to their love expression some may have a harder approach, if it works either way it all shows that love exists and it has a powerful effect on each and everyone of us. The existence of Love is the evidence of trust,forgiving, giving, patience, and above all not being selfish, let the existence of love define your relationship for the better, live life, love life, be blessed and be a blessing