Surround Success


Don’t give up because you have had a setback, don’t go back to staying back, you have to go back so to get a glimmer of what may have gone wrong when you reach a similar level of progress.

A lot of us don’t make it because once we go back to the place of reflection we end up reflexively being comfortable with problems that we face than confronting such problems, being hit is a great motivation for a champion, there is no champion that made it without being hit, everyone of us have been hit one way or the other because we are champions in our own fields. Don’t let setbacks be permanent remember they are set backs, there are just temporary means to gear you up for excellence.

Surround success is power in knowledge of unending hunger to achieve the best even when the chips are down, excellence in productivity of whatever you are good at, don’t give up because your have had a knock, knock the knock back up and make it a surround knock.

This is simply Success I can’t emphasise it more

Yours in Success


Systematic Peace


There is a mother out there that sent his son to go and buy bread so they could have breakfast, the son never returned, he has been shot dead by the army of a nation that is meant to protect him.

There is a woman who is in labour yet she will not see what she gave birth to as the hospital she is admitted to is now on lock down taken over by the army of the nation that is meant to protect its citizens, what’s happening in this world we are living in? There is no certainty even to those countries that are already savavaged.

United Nations and the world, Zimbabwe is in turmoil yet you are quite and not responding to the urgency of the matter on the ground. Do something to retain the system of peace to the people of Zimbabwe, do something for peace to be the connection of the people and this wonderful world

This is my letter as a concerned world citizen

Yours Edwin

The Constitution Of Peace


War is now the emblem of humanity, the Western World vesus the Eastern World, the East Vesus the South, nobody seems to be enjoying peace, everyone is in tears and hearts are broken.

Religion and politics have caused our wonderful world to be more than a space for all to live in, in peace, the word peace means a whole lot of different things to both a politician and a religious leader to one it means something else to another it means retaliation of provocation.

What is going on in this world, who is going to be the advocate for peace when nations believed to be peaceful are the ones provoking others in war. United Nations and the world tell me what is Israel doing in Syria? Isn’t Al-Assad alone not causing enough mayhem to his people? Syria is already ravaged United Nations and the world we can not sit and fold our arms and watch the constitution of peace be more ravaged than what it is now.

Do something for Syria to retain to its peace constitution, this can no longer be something to be ignored

Yours in Peace


responding to a bbc article “Israeli Jets target Iranian Positions around Damascus”

Delayed Peace


There is a drum beat in a continent somewhere, this drum beat is getting louder and louder in the jungle and forest of the DRC, this Drum speaks and its speaking is so far beyond borders, it’s speaking can not be ignored anymore

Violence and outcry is now a normality for humanity and the people of the DRC, the whole world is watching and doing absolutely nothing, it becomes news and the news we feel is breaking news is actually at the time of broadcast is now stale news as there is breaking News every single day for the people of DRC

African Union, United Nations and the world until when do you want to come up with a resolution to this human crisis of delaying peace for the people of the DRC? My heart yearns for that day when The AFRICAN Union becomes a champion in setting peace goals and achieving them, for the United Nations to be an Arsenal towards building lasting peace negotiations

My heart can not take anymore stabbing of unjustified pain for peace not negotiated

Yours crying and craving for peace


Austerity Peace


Blows can be thrown by a great boxer but if he has no opponent to throw those blows to, champions are more focused on the process of the result than the outcome

The notion of peace has become a notion that simply doesn’t include democracy and the will of the people these days, politicians cling to power at the expense of the masses today change is no longer change but passage of power, from one evil corrupt government to another, yet peace is rusty in the pavement of justice for the masses.

Austerity of peace is just the power of politicians imposed on the will of the masses never allowing the masses to have a voice on how Peace is negotiated, United Nations and the world there is a crisis in Zimbabwe, South Sudan, Syria and all other nations that are craving for peace

We can not ignore the crisis of peace in these nations, we are squeezed into wanting nothing but peace, it’s peace now or the Austerity of war

Yours signing with the spirit of peace


Sterling Peace


our world is full of hate, it’s full of shame and pain, there is a lot going on in this world, there is no one that can take responsibility for all the things that are happening to humanity today

South Sudan is in crisis a human crisis, is the world watching and doing nothing? Or there is something we are actually doing to make things a bit easier for these people who are in desperate need for peace.

Sterling peace has to be within reach between a politician and a religious leader as well as the masses of South Sudan, those that have been wronged and those that have wronged others should take responsibility and help those that are affected by their actions heal and be at peace with that justice has to be carried out.

Sterling peace has to be within reach now or never in South Sudan, United Nations and the World we can not sit and watch humanity crumble it’s our duty’s to keep making efforts to exchange this sterling peace till we all can afford it


The Pedigree of Peace


Wars have ripped nations, they have caused brother to fight brother, father never to acknowledge their sons, everything is such a mess, our world is unpredictable we seem not to have any more solutions to problems we have

Peace can be negotiated in whichever way as long as the political landscape is not made more important than the human aspect of negotiating peace. While politicians are busy shutting down government for their selfish interest there are wars fought and these are caused by polical greed, promises can be broken but peace can not be broken

This is my song for the Pedigree of Peace United Nations and the World why allow the politicians to decide the fate of peace? Why not intervene in the negotiations for peace while politicians ask for things that has nothing to do with peace

Its now or never we can simplify the process of peace and validate its Pedigree