The enzyme of Success


The great idea is the most tough idea, the most big dream is the one that keeps you awake at night.

Most of us have the most magnificent ideas, dreams and visions, the only difference between us and those peers of ours who are successful is how to nature our own dreams, ideas and vision. We tend to think big and give ourselves cheap to challenges that we may or not face at all. We tend to have excuses as to why we are not achieving what we are meant to be achieving because someone did not make the right decisions in regards to our ideas, dreams and vision.

The enzyme of success is keeping your big dreams, vision and ideas growing despite being told it can’t be done, don’t give your success away because someone doesn’t see it the way you see it, be convinced this is what it’s worth, believe it is what it is worth, grow it’s worth, this is the enzyme of Success you will not have it if you keep giving it away.


Reviewed Leadership


A great way of understanding that when you do unto others, you expect them to do unto you what you did to them, they say a rolling stone gather no moss.

Leadership today is like that rolling stone that is gathering no moss, we at some point as Leaders need to get others on our team to progress our vision. Most leaders today never evaluate their own ways of leadership, they simply believe they make the right decisions all the time and there is no one smarter than them, thus because they were smart enough to start the organisation/business/corporation themselves.

Reviewed Leadership is the art of learning from your subordinates giving the best credit when credit is needed, most leaders don’t know how to give credit, but know how to get credit to themselves, let us all be the reviewed leaders who become the best while our teams also progress as the best, let’s learn not to take credit for what they have done but give that credit to them for the growth of our organisations, business and corporations.

Yours in Leadership

Edwin Mathe

Sentimental Love


I am a product of love, love is not just a word to me, love is not just that song that brings goosebumps when sang, more than just what i have been told about Love, but what have been imprinted in me.

This is a beautiful song of love to which most of us are attracted to in the relationships we posses/relationships that we are in, most of us have never lived a life that is in its entirety been made out of pure love not just words and broken promises. Most of us can not love because of what they believe Love to be/what it represents.

Sentimental Love is the ability of character and life that we breath in the word love, making such a word reality and meaning to all relationships we may find ourselves in. I believe you and I can make a meaning out of the sentiment Love brings in this Sentimental Love.

Yours in Love

Edwin Mathe

Demand of Success


Sometimes we are more concerned about what if things do not work out, there are a few other people that have made it through such and such, we can not do it because we are restricted, all these excuses have made us become more fertile ground for ideas and dreams that have never been implemented/will never be implemented.

The demand of success is the consistent power of keeping on going even though nothing seeming to be shifting, you are the demand your desired success needs, you are the will and effort to make it through, it never is easy if you are the one starting with it, its never easy if it is your idea and dream. Keep going, keep believing and demand more from yourself as an individual, I believe we all can demand more from ourselves and be the demand that success needs from us.