The Defence of Peace


Humanity today is in a war, a war of religion, politics and nuclear power, peace is lying in the grounds of sacrifice as humanity addresses religion and politics, peace has not been on the agenda and humanity is hanged in the balance of freedom, crisis arises and solutions are running low, neither a politician nor a religious leader has a solution to problems that humanity face today, peace is needed and there is no one in all circles that thinks peace and solution, all we think to day is how many we can deny peace. Peace can not be as long as we all pull in different directions in its regard, peace is the best way humanity can accommodate each other while there is a political dialogue to address our religious uncertainties in this world. United Nations and the world peace has to be tackled head on and its defence should be our priority in all aspects

Edwin Mathe in response to a BBC article “migrants could die crossing channel” [30/05/2016]



Forward Success


Our minds are always programmed to think what’s behind/history, we often reflect on the past in our minds, our minds control the way we behave. There is a lot of us in today’s world that are still thinking of what they could have done last five years, what they could have achieved five years back, success is not based on what you could have been and what you could have achieved in time past but the ability to think forward and make things happen where you are, and think further than what you are achieving now,at a position where your are.

If you are thinking of selling some bottles, just sell bottles and think what you can do to sell a bottle that has something in it, do not be content with your position right now, pursue the best out of the position you have. That is simple forward success and you and I can absorb our best in it and make our lives better in what we do and think a way forward in our current position, think success, live in it, create your success, make your life worth living.

The Ability of Love


There are times when our lives feel so empty, those we used to love are not anywhere near what we thought they would be, promises that we all held on to not living up to the way we expected them to be. I know someone right now may be thinking, oh gosh this author is talking as if he knows what I am going through, maybe i may have also have gone through what you are going through right now, however there is a great solution, the ability to love even at times when you feel low. May i say to someone i know your relationship may not be what it may have been in the past, but you can change its future by simply loving that being the way they are, understanding that all of us are not perfect but are working towards perfection.

The ability of love has patience in it as its best and moral value, where are you right now and how far are you heading towards your redemption of your relationship? let the ability of the patience in love be the influence of redeeming the best in your relationship.

Remember to live life, love life, be blessed and be a blessing

The Circle of Love


There is a lot going on in life today, most of the things that are going on in our lives have made us give up on very important things that life gives us. Most of us in our relationships we find it very difficult to align in love because of who we have been with in the past, the circle of love is based on letting go of the past and start building on the future, it just goes round and round, the same way as a circle, this is just the circle of love, remember to live life, love life, be blessed as well as being a blessing

The imagination of Peace


The world is full of grief, there is no one in our today’s world that is much focused on things that matter, humanity has turned cold and the world has turned colder. We are victims of our own strategies, peace has turned to be a thing we all imagine can happen, it is a dream that this generation dreams could be a reality, world over, United Nations and fellow citizens of the world, there is no peace without the solution to our migrant crisis, we have a crisis and the more we ignore our boarders, peace is yet to settle within our human conscience, peace cannot be marginalised, it cannot be imagined, it has to be a reality

Edwin Mathe in response to a BBC article on “EU faces ‘uprising’ over migrant crisis” 17/05/16

The Rhythm of Success


There are times we have been told that we are never meant to progress beyond the achievements of our races, I personally grew up in a family that was educated but not to the level of University, it is However that as I grew up I decided that I was going to be better than what my family barrier was, I was not the most intelligent person in my family, my own father would make an example of the most un-academically achieving person as myself. Let me get to this the rhythm of success is what your dream eludes inside of you, the power of keeping the reputation of thought into reality, let this rhythm be your force to life, success is not waiting for you to be part of it, you have to earn the right to be successful

The Entrance of Love


The most exciting thing in life is the ability to know what you expect in the near future, no matter how poor, no matter your social background there is excitement when one knows that they are loved. When love becomes the best entrant in ones life there is the best expectations of it both in relationships and human social spectrum, let us all love one another and enjoy this entrance of Love, remember to live life to the fullest, love life and be blessed as well as being a blessing yourself