The spice of Love


So many of us are in a gloomy world when we are in love, be it be for the first time or finding new love/just rekindling existing love, we often forget the best thing above all is to spice up what we have. Most of us today have their relationship suffer not because love is unavailable, but that love is just a great dish in a relationship that is not spiced up, no matter how great a chef is but if he can not spice up his food, he looses his great status as a chef. This is where a lot of us loose our relationships, we become too used to one another and end up using words that simply destroy us bit by bit day after day, at the end of it all we loose each others great taste of love. May i just say love is kind, it is generous, so make an effort to develop new ways everyday to love your other half try inventing a sweet language and a good working ethical relationship, this is just a spice of love i believe you benefit from it, be blessed and be a blessing


The pulse of Peace


Every single day this world lives in bitterness, every politician leaves a bad taste in everyone’s mouth, today it is a painful day to all that are in the process of negotiating for peace. Peace has hit a rock, a dynamite has struck a rock however at this particular time a dynamite struck a rock that was not targeted, Israel has hit a camp in Gaza and their target being the Hamas militants, world over and fellow peace loving citizens of the world for how long should we keep on fighting one another, there is a growing concern in my conclusions, if the UN ever starts to help things escalate to the worst. They sent their envoy to Syria it was catastrophic, in Iraq there is still a lot of war going on, yesterday it was nearly victory for Ban-Ki-Moon and the UN as a cease fire agreement was nearly reached. UN what on earth did you do this time? let the pulse of peace beat again UN do something in Israel and Gaza before we loose another generation, peace be now and it is my prayer for both Gaza and Israel to come to terms with one another for a better world for today and tomorrow, an eye for an eye makes the world blind let war be stopped now.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on Gaza shelter attack kills 15 people 24/07/14 

The power of Success


I have stayed in years looking for one best thing, i knew deep down in my heart that i had this very important gift that could get me to the top, it is however that no matter how much i worked hard to get this very best gift of mine i always have a set back. Most of us today have a set back in our businesses/ideas all because of doubt, we have doubted for so long that we do not even believe our dreams can be reality. May i just encourage one person if not two out there, your idea is the best weapon to lead you to success, your dream is the power that champions you to your success, make sure you make your dream work for you and whatever it is that you do, do it in excellency and perfect, i believe in the power and i believe you and i have got the power let us live in this the power of success are you ready?

Persevering Love


There are a lot of things in our relationships that may not be working right, that does not mean that our relationships are not right. There are a lot of us today who are in relationships that we feel are not right, one thing that i have discovered in months, is that instead of giving up and acting like one is a saint, most of us have face reality and persevere in our relationships. Most of our relationships lake perseverance that is where most of us both men and woman we fall, in most cases we have made choices that we think may only work for us, it is however that those choices become burdens to us as we continue in loneliness. Love is patient and kind and i believe that most of us will have the thought of finding out what may be going wrong in our relationships, before quitting, as well as being patient with one another’s behaviors, this is just persevering love and i believe you and i can learn more in it, be blessed and be a blessing

War against Peace


As we continue to mourn and the world mourning the passing away of people on flight MH17, this blog continues to get condolence messages going, our hearts and prayers are with the families of those that lost their lives on the plane. Coming to today’s blog it is such a disappointing fact that the war between Israel and Hamas has become a concern to the whole world, the loss of life and the pride of politicians never wanting to let go of their egos, the war on peace is in the heart of discussions between two fronts that may never see eye to eye, however for the benefit of peace this war has to stop and let peace prevail in both sides, peace has to prevail now not tomorrow as tomorrow may bring a lot of lives to the ground, we need not to talk war but peace, UN and the world it is today that we have to put our concerns to rest as we negotiate for a peaceful Gaza and a peaceful Israel.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on UN warns of Israel Gaza war Crimes 23/06/14

Our Condolences of Peace


The world mourns and we at, do grieve as well the loss of 239 passengers of MH17 that was short down in Ukraine, may i say peace is an absolute necessity and we are all in honor and support of the bravery of the passengers and all peace loving citizens of the world in this hard time. To all the families of the passengers of the shot plane we say peace indeed will keep up with those that are against it, we say our condolences to the peace protesters who have made headlines for the best of peace to be heard both for the people of Ukraine and the Malaysian airlines. Our tributes and Condolences we share

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on Flight Data Recorders of Flight MH17 handed over to the aviation authorities 22/07/14 

Mentality of Success


So many times i have reached a point where all i have ever dreamed of seem so out of sight, i may think that at times dreams do not become a reality, if at all there is a businessman/women out there who have reached this stage, this blog is your solution, our ideas in life are not meant to die, our ideas in life are meant to have life as we also have life, most of us today do not make it in life because we live just for today, we think just for here and now, we do not have future in our lives. May i just encourage someone on here, Success is in your mind do not at all cost loose your ideas, no matter how you see them not working it is time you start speaking to yourself and say “i have to find a way to make this work” after all you thought it, and you put it down as a vision then see it work, make it work, this is a simple mentality of success, how many times have you been throwing best ideas away, someone quickly pick them up one by one and make your mentality of success count.

Institution of Love


There are days i feel like patience is only a waste of resources and time, there are times when my heart feels like it can not love no more, i feel like a reject and no one to love and care for me, i feel like what i give is far more than what i receive, i just feel so empty as though what i give is not re-filled, i love yet there seem to be no one loving me back. This is a special song that most of us sing today, such a touchy song/poem if you may like, such a touchy song and needs more evaluation if you become so much of an evaluation being, may i just be of help maybe if i can? Someone today may be feeling the pains in the poem/song that stated this blog, may i say love is like a college, love is a learning center, your relationship is a classroom, so whatever you do in class reflects in the outcome of your relationship, i have learnt to be patient with my girlfriend, its difficult i know but, Love is patient, love is kind, love gives, love forgives, love does not seek its own, it is not selfish. I can go on and on but you can repair the damage on your relationship by just following the love navigation system, turn right first to kindness street, take a left into forgiveness avenue, in 2 miles keep right to patience street, drive slowly to giving street, and in unselfishness avenue on your right you have reached your destination. These are just simple steps towards archiving the best in the institution of love, be blessed and be a blessing

Besieged Peace


There is a need this world keeps avoiding, this is a need of peace, we have sat around far too long to address the need for peace, United Nations have held the world at ransom when it comes to peace, if they where really taking peace seriously there would have been no invasion of Iraq that is giving us problems today, they would be no Syrian crisis toady, if the UN had peace on their agenda Egypt would not be at a state that it is today, if the UN had in its mission peace as its agenda the Violence in Ukraine would not have escalated this far. Today we read of efforts put by the Ukrainians in order to make peace a reality and what has the UN done nothing but have the US, UK and the Eu come up with suctions for Vladamir Putin and his thugs, tell me what has that helped the people of Ukraine as their cities are being seized right left and center? World over if peace be, let the UN re-evaluate their mission on peace and make this world a better world for today and a better world for tomorrow.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on Ukraine to besiege regional centers 07.07.14