Adaptable Peace


The world today has become an un-bearable place to live in and man have caused so much hate on man to man, we have religion being used as part of this inhumanity. Today the United Nations, the EU and world leaders have failed to address a simple thing that may have helped religious leaders and politicians come to a drawing board to keep peace as a substance than a topic. We can adapt to peace now without more of those missiles being dropped, we can adapt to simple ways of bringing IS to its knees without the use of war. Today our peace has to be our forefront fight and we be a people that learn to talk than fight, we are a people that can adapt to all those simple ways of peace, UN, EU and world leaders peace can only be when we start taking religious leaders to our political tables of negotiations and this is only adaptable peace, just a simple way forward.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on the first missiles dropped by the RAF in Iraq 30.09.14 


The Cycle of Love


My best thing in life that God gave me is love, if by any means you have been hurt by any way, either by those you love or loved the best way to go on is to love more than you have ever loved, Love conquers all and love makes what is wrong right, most of us in our relationships can not make our relationships work because of the hurt from the past, may i say just let go of the hurt start the love cycle and it is 360 degrees it cant be altered why do you alter yours? be blessed and be a blessing

The Petite for Love


What i happen to love is that there is no deeper feeling that is as good as Loving oneself, a desire to archive the greatest part of life in love, it is above the feeling, it is just awesome, Love is just great there is no other word to describe it, give it, receive it, learn to live in it, one more day in it thank God you love despite the challenges. This is simple Love and just enjoy loving one another as Christ loved the church be blessed and be a blessing

Patience of Success


The silence makes one thinks that you are out and forgotten, let me be the one to say that patience is not what the world today have, there is a lot of us today that think that consistency is being available and talking all the time. I am here to tell you about success that no any other scholar have ever told you about, success is all about being patient and knowing the right moments to say and react to certain things in life. If you have had a good year and you think that all is going slow again just wait and be patient you are doing well, keep going and be silent because at the point when you say something at the slow time of your success may cause you to mess up things. So what is it going to be success/what? i believe you and i will be as patient as we can to make success our main priority lets all do this, i know you can and i believe in you, so is the patience of success

A song Of Peace


Standing here there is a cry of a child i can hear from unknown lands, a child crying and saying words like why is the world this cruel, i sit and ask myself if this child is crying this loud, what about their parent? how loud are they crying? Today peace is no longer a matter of priority but a matter of eradicating what we call one section of a particular people. These are people we call extremists, yes they are a danger to our society we are told, the emergence of a group called Isis, what on earth is this world turned into? Today the US and the UK are on air strikes on Syria and Iraq, United Nations and the world is there no other way of negotiating for peace than war? my song is a painful song and yet require many answers i sing a song as a crying child in need of freedom and in need for peace. Is there anyone out there yielding and hearing this song may this be a touching song as i will be silent if i may be wiped out of this land, due to this tragic act of uncertainty in peace. Peace now or forever our children will be heard crying in distant lands, that i and you can not even think of getting to.

Edwin Mathe in his own words and in relations to a BBC article on Iraq air strikes 27.09.2014

The challenge of Love


There are a lot of us out there that have challenges in our relationships, if all of us today would come up with challenges that we face in our relationships we would have volumes and volumes of best selling books. It is however that Love on its own becomes a challenge in most of our relationships, may i say in order for one to be able to deal with other challenges that may pop up in a relationship they have to be able to love and overcome the barrier of feeling challenged in love. No matter how we find our other halves challenging it is often wise to love and continue in genuine love that is the best that we can give in love, this i call the challenge of love you and i can win and i believe it is just the way we may love to overcome this challenge of love, be blessed and be a blessing

Unseen Peace


A lot of times there is the best that we as humanity can offer to see what is best for us and the generations to come. Humanity has seen enough of tough times in the past few years, there has been the outbreak of diseases not seen before, terror has become the challenge for humanity worldwide. There is a thing that is not been seen before but it is well talked about, peace becomes a challenge to global leaders, it is a resolution that is not been heard of, no one has come up with peaceful resolutions that are evident, the more we try the more it gets worse. World over and world leaders, it is now time that in our life time we see the unseen, it is now in our lifetime that peace be the groom that we all wait to see, let this be done before dawn, this is a cry for the unseen peace and the peace we hear about.

Edwin Mathe in response to a BBC article on the CIA tripling the estimates of IS numbers 12.09.14 

Paternity of Love


There is a lot that we all go through in relationships, however most things that we go through, we do not understand why we go through them and sometimes we think that it may be best to leave and go far and far away from the ones that we think we love. May I say to someone today the reason why most of us give up on our relationships is not that love is gone, it is because we do not understand the paternity of love, we do not know the qualities of love. may i say that Love is kind, in every situation, love is not selfish, it does not seek its own, love is forgiving and giving, this is just the sample of the DNA of love, i believe that you and i will walk in this the perfect will of love be blessed and be a blessing

Mandate for Peace


The world gets more and more silent on matters that really matter, in all i have lived a life that makes silence the better mode of making others wonder what i am thinking all about, this is what the world today is wondering, what is next on the agenda for peace. World leaders and the UN have in years been trying not to be silent, but be vocal about issues that matter, issues of peace, today the mandate for peace lies with us the people, the little part each and everyone of us plays as to not encourage violence and pain, but seek just ways that evolve around peace makes the world seemingly great. Let us all thrive for the best of the world, for this is our mandate as humanity, it is our mandate as people the mandate for peace, it is our ideal that we have to live for

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on President Obama declaring that the US will pursue IS in Syria and Iraq 11.09.14