Evident Success


There are times when you feel like your day is delaying and there are so many things to do and the day is just too short and moving slow, i have been through that and i still go through the same thing nearly everyday. Most of us believe in fast things and there is nothing wrong about fast stuff, it all depends on the level you are at, Success in most times is a process and it has stages, just like a baby it starts as a seed then it is planted in the womb of a woman then boom we see that bump that is the evidence of a child on its way, that is just the same way success operates first your idea, then put it on paper meaning write that idea down from there it becomes a vision then from a vision you work on the implementation process, that there people, are starting to see what that idea is all about. Entrepreneur/businessman/woman and business leader that to me i call evident success and it can apply to you too, your next business, your next idea is it a vision yet?


Kind Love


A lot of us fight for what we think is right in our relationships, yet we never take time to notice the wrongs that we do towards one another, women amaze me a lot, once they are in a relationship they take all the reigns and think at all times that what they say should be what is to be considered in a relationship, my question then lies here, how on earth can a relationship be called a relationship when there is only one opinion in it, i have been called all names and i do accept it. Maybe because i am a wired person out there, i believe that love is kind at all times and it shares all opinions and not only one and not one that is believed to be the best in a relationship. Our relationships need not to have one person being selfish and taking credit for useless things and results such as one being the truthful one at all times. ah just to say have you ever noticed in most relationships that involve female and male, the male species is always the lying one, wow amazing, that was just my observation lets all love one another as love is so kind to us lets be kind to one another as well, be blessed and be a blessing

Circumstances of Peace


As a people we aim for the best in this society and life that we live, it is however that the best that we think of is not at times the best, our resilience in the stance for what we believe is best is the only motive that keeps us alive. Peace is a factor to be considered if the people/masses are defiant on what we all see as peace, or circumstances need not to be a worry of peace but be peace as a circumstance that we all love and believe in. Our leaders and governments have ignored the best practical solutions to peace hence they feel like the masses are out of their minds causing the circumstances of peace to be inevitable, Let peace be and let is be our simple and great circumstance.

Edwin Mathe in response to a BBC article on the EU foreign policy chief meeting with the ousted Egyptian President, who says Morsi is well 

Optimum Sucess


You have been wondering as a businessman/woman, you do not know what to do next, you feel all of your ideas have been exhausted. May i just have this moment to share with you this simple fact in the way i believe success at this point will help you as a businessman/woman, leader and entrepreneur. Success is your optimism of thinking great when there is less greatness to think about, success is thinking i can do this no matter what the economy looks like, success is being in an optimistically thought about your tomorrow that you think may be a chance to reach. You have to be optimistic, you have to be thoughtful, you have it all, success is what you posses so why not be optimistic about it.

Purposeful Love


Most of the times people often say what they do not mean, we have people saying things like i love you far above what you think, oh is that right? if you can love someone far above your love capabilities don’t you think that you are just living in overdraft? let me be frank for a bit, no matter how sweet or sower your relationship may be i love you is not the word to make it more sweeter or get you out of trouble. I hit the nerve right there and i know i did, a lot of us think that when we say i love you, we get what we want, we have used that word i love you as a phrase to get us what we believe we can have from either opposite/same sex people. Love has a purpose and its purpose is not to get but give, if all of us in our relationships try to love for the sake of love not in expectation we all will enjoy each other as lovers not traders, a lot of us are like traders in the stock market in our relationships, stop expecting start to give expectation to someone start loving with a purpose. be blessed and be a blessing

Forceful Peace


Despite what we see and believe in, peace is a must and there are no forces that fight against peace that can be left idle, it is then that when we negotiate for peace there are options that we have to look at as leaders/governments. Our governments have in this generation forgotten the power that people have and have then forgotten such people in the negotiations for peace, people make the whole peace equation, so all our leaders need to know that the action to make peace a reality is working with the masses. Despite military power, despite billions invested in combat battles there is no greater price for peace than dialogue, such dialogue need to be with the masses first before coming to the table as leaders to negotiate for peace, if the masses are not with your idea of peace then forceful means will never change the power of the people, the force for peace lies with the masses not in war.

Edwin Mathe in response to a BBC article on the US general outlining options for Syria

Positive Success


I am in a position that i believe no one has been, that is all i believe in and i know that despite me seeing that, some may think otherwise, if one may know and understand the power behind thought, then they will understand why some of our businesses and ideas are where they are today. A lot of our businesses today are at stagnant positions because of our thought, what we think of our businesses/ideas is what is portrayed by them. Businessmen/women, entrepreneur and leader success is thinking positive about your idea/business even if positivism is not on sight, all-ways know that before you think of your idea it is in its fullest and then when you think it, how you think of the final outcome is the way you cut your idea to the size you think your idea is worth. Success is always positive you are an individual that makes it negative, so from today start thinking wise and think straight, be positive because success is

Position of Peace


The truth lies with humanity, it is again that lies also lie with humanity, our leaders and governments have caused human beings to be enemies of one another like animals in the jungle, men have become heartless and is ever watching his/her back. The mandate for peace starts with leaders of political parties and governments, peace lies with the population knowing how to deal with differences that we all have in a civilized manner. There is no way peace can be available as long as there are forces that are opposed to it, that become so stronger than peace itself. We aught not to take sides as leaders if it all comes to peace, we are meant to bring all forces at loggerheads together for the sake of peace, thus to say peace stands still and it knows its position with the masses.

Edwin Mathe in response to a BBC article on David Cameroon’s statement on the Syrian conflict 21/07/13

Honored Success


Its very difficult at times as businessmen and women to find the real recipe for success, a lot of us may be scratching our heads trying to find the best way to improve our ideas and making them better. May i just address this with you, once you have decided that you are going to be successful there is no way you have to scratch your head to try and figure out how! when you are there, when you decide to be successful make sure its to your honor and you believe in it. Stop worrying start doing what will make your worries go, start honoring what you began and start moving with it, it cant move on its own you are the commander, you are the master of your business/idea so it should not worry you. That i call honored success, just work with it, work in it, honor it then and then you will get it in the right direction

Settled Peace


We are a people, we have our differences, yes our differences are meant to make us unique and stronger together, at most times when heat is much in the direction of those that may have been far from it, they begin to shift but those that where already in the heat makes it more funny to them why others are shifting/moving away. Peace is a factor for every benefactor, peace is like a crown the noble and willing gets it, peace is a born with thing that’s why one has to go through such a process to negotiate it. Leaders and governments today are busy trying to eradicate what could help them in the negotiations for peace, peace is about making those that are enemies allies towards building humanity, we have had our differences far too long and is it not time that our differences need to work for us in favor of peace? Peace is calmer in our shores and the masses truly know how to negotiate for settled peace.

Edwin Mathe in response to a BBC article on Israel needing to free Palestinian prisoners for peace negotiations to resume 20/07/13