About the Blog – Inspiration Today


With every minute that passes by every second that passes by this world becomes a bitter world, however when we live out of bitterness and challenge the bitterness mix that with joy, hope, optimistic and inspiration, then and i say then everyday our lives change for the better as we aim to crush through this bitter world. I am not saying that everything is going to be heaven on earth and no troubles, trouble will be there hence in this section of my blog i believe without a doubt that when you are on here everyday you will find inspirational messages they may not exactly match your situation but maybe someone out there in your family or your friend may find such messages and quotes more relevant to them. Come with me as we get current and relevant and encourage one another on love on our global mandate, on humanity all that you will read on this blog has never been said no prime minister, president nor head of state will have said it nor no business men will have said it apart from me its all from my mind, i know you will be inspired lets get on with this…



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