Historical Echoes


The Historical Echoes is a collection of poems from Edwin Mathe, an up and coming creative writer, who in his years of writing poetry dubbed himself the Prince of Poetry. He takes poetry to heart and gives his all in this collection as he takes a journey through life as a poet.

The Historical Echoes symbolises growth in speech and growth in the writings of an artist who passionately loves his work. Poems such as Chained Yet a Hero represent passion above measure, slavery and hatred inflicted by man on man. Edwin’s poetry hits out to the deeper parts of the heart; it speaks to the mind of the reader and unveils the true feelings of the writer.

Born in Zimbabwe soon after independence, Edwin has researched in depth to bring you this collection presenting a poetic account of his country’s fight for freedom.

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Sneak Preview of Poems in Historical Echoes

My Heroic Moment


A long way it has been for my people

Indeed long wait for the people

Such people as Zulu Kama landela

Zulu kandaba, how long shall the sons and daughters

Of Shaka of Senzangakhona

Sons and daughters of Nandi suffer perpetually

Was this a justified price to pay?

Umzilikazi kaMatshobana was a hero

Shaka the Zulu was a conqueror

As a conqueror Shaka was

Heroes died and gave their lives to give Shaka the crown

Oh yes my people Zulu my people

Makhumalo bakaMntungwa my people

Bakamzilikazi of Matshobana of Kamangede Kalanga

Oh yes you my people

Is there a need to remind you that you need a messiah?

Is there a need to remind you my people that you need a hero?

A hero in the making, a brave man

For this moment it is evident that for my people I am that hero

For my people I represent the spirit of the people

For my people I represent the spear of the nation

Yebo ngadla mina kababa

This is evident; this is true, for destiny lies ahead

As destiny calls, this is a point of no return,

This is my time, my moment

This is my moment and time to gloom

Certainly this is my bright moment

Ululate with me for this is my heroic moment

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Rose of Love


It is my delight to express and feel the breeze

I’ve felt a feeling I’ve never felt before

I’ve loved like I’ve never loved before

My quantified feeling bigger than what I’ve ever imagined

You touched me when felt nothing for you

My feelings changed, all I have directed to you

In my thoughts nothing I think of but you

Hence with you in my thoughts, every day is different

You are my peace; as you are my joy

You brought life when life was lost

You brought hope when hope was lost

Only this is a true feeling, like holding a fresh rose

A rose of love, a rose of joy

You are truly my rose of love

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A Hero Within


Sometimes one fights

They fight for justice equality and power

Often the fight may be for the rights of others

The question may be asked why?

I do this because I am not selfish

I do this for I consider them too

Those whose rights have been infringed

A mistake has been made, yet there is no one to correct it

I am here presenting myself as correction

Who is it that corrects the mess of big countries?

Who shall defend Africa from her outcry?

Who shall plead for the children of war torn Sudan?

I fight for the rights of many,

Please sing praises for me

I am a hero within

For the full version of this Poem order your copy of the book Historical Echoes on http://www.amazon.com/www.smashwords.com





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