Triggered Success


There are times that when i watch movies from Hollywood there is something that makes me wonder, why does the lead actor have to be the one winning/remaining alive. In action movies one dies holding a gun and funny enough they die while their hand is on a trigger, this is what most of us today are faced with, we are in a movie yet we choose the wrong characters, maybe we are extras. Success is about making sure that your finger is on a trigger to push that dream/idea out of the barrel and obtain your goals, do not die with your dream nearly out of the barrel, fight to make your dream a reality, fight to be the guy/woman that does not die, the woman/man that is the lead role, no matter what obstacles are on your way have the mentality of a lead role in a movie, protect your ideas, make your dreams come true, yes they will come true don’t stop dreaming and when you dream, dream big, that i call triggered success, do you have what it takes?


Kind Love


Most of us today wish that freedom could come in our relationships, we wish that if there could be someone out there listening and heal our pain, we are crying in relationships, either marriages or just family relationships. There are two ways in life one is gratitude and the other is respect, the two are mostly mistaken in relationships, most people believe if gratitude is not given then one is ignorant, if one deserves gratitude they are seen to be the most selfish person that one has ever seen, respect in relationships starts with gratitude, if one is acknowledged of what they have given/done they tend to be motivated to do more. Kind love is based on knowing the best that one has done for you, a thank you and I’m grateful means a lot to humanity, it is a cutesy word but showing kindness. Most of our relationships are in the verge of collapsing, because no one wants to be mature enough to appreciate one another, we all believe if its your boyfriend/girlfriend, we believe it is his/her duty to appreciate you as an individual. If we all learn to be appreciative of each other’s efforts towards our relationships then the evidence of kind love shows up in your relationship, i believe you can find this more helpful and may help you grow in kind love, be blessed and be a blessing

The Loyalty of Peace


There are moments that makes humanity go wild in celebration, there are moments that humanity feel like it is a dream for peace to return in their own backyard. Negotiators of peace around the world have envied the best in the world in terms of peace, no one has ever envisaged Europe having an outbreak of violence. All the treaties that are on human rights are based on the European Union of rights, having one of its own become so much in violence seems to be a mystery that needs to be solved. The interim Prime Minister of Ukraine has done such a wonderful thing in disbanding the elite Burkut police unit, this is a bold move that may help the Ukrainian people to heal and not been reminded of the past. This is the way i believe in, as  peace should be the art-most aim for nations around the world and the loyalty of peace should be evident among humanity, it is the best start of a peaceful Ukraine, hope the world sees the best in this and the loyalty of peace observed in Ukraine.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on Ukraine elite police disbanded 26/02/14 

Proven Success


There are theories in life that are yet to be proven, theories we all have believed in and they have no proof, today a lot of business people and entrepreneurs are working on theories that have no proof, most of them may work for a while, but however at the end they become more stuck up theories. Success is knowing how to think of an idea and see it work, the proof of success in an individual is knowing how to sustain your idea and dream into maturity. There is no one in life who is going to make what you think/dream of come to life except you as an individual, proven success is about maturing that idea, and that dream into existence, you have already thought of it, you have already had a dream of it, so just prove it works, believe in it, make an effort to nature that idea and dream, that is more than proof that it works.

Simple love


There has been times that i feel like my girlfriend is lecturing me, i feel like she is the one that drives and controls the relationship, i feel like at times i can not give in to what she wants. There are a lot of us today that are going through stuff in our relationships, and we all feel like either him/her is not listening or giving attention to what we are saying. Most of us today feel like our relationships are more of a battle field than a place of peace and love, this is just through a simple reason, most of us are too serious on issues that do not need seriousness, we treat our relationships like a navy barrack/a police academy where everything is done in an orderly manner. May i just say, love is a simple thing, if one becomes patient, if one becomes a forgiving person, if one becomes a giver, if one becomes a kind person, just these simple things just make love so simple, i am working on these simple things are you also doing the same? be blessed and be a blessing

Unseperated Peace


There is an ongoing thing about humanity, humanity today has lost its values of respect and the power to make peace a resolution. Doubts have become the norm of humanity, there is no way that human beings today value life and peace in the same stream. Ukraine has a problem, the EU security council does not solve a problem, yet they just cause more problems, imposing sanctions and travel bans to the perpetrators of violence is not the easy way out. Ukrainians have helped themselves solve this crisis, the ex-president is no longer seen anywhere in Ukraine no one knows where he is, now the interim government warns, there may be separation for those that are anti-Russia and those that are anti-EU, my view is let the nation of Ukraine be together and deal with their problems as a nation without separation, may the UN and the EU intervene in this situation while a transitional government helps the nation heal of its wounds.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on Ukraine leader warns of separatism 25/02/14

Seeing Success


Most of us today have suffered so much that we have had our success vision lost, Success has to be seen by an individual, and i believe that most of us today, do have dreams and can think. Despite what you think or dream of, if you pursue whatever it is that you dream of then you will have a clear understanding and vision of what you want. Here is a problem that most of us have as people, we tend to focus more on problems than solutions, our brains are so much used to problems and failures than balancing your brain to have both/more of solutions than problems. Seeing success is believing in what you are good at and knowing that you will make it no matter how difficult you may think it is, your head has to be trained to have more solutions than problems, i am seeing success and i want it, do you?

The power of Love


There is a lot that humanity go through in life, we are the best at making assumptions about other people and we are the most people in judgement seats when we do not know what other people are going through. Most of our relationships like humanity are full of assumptions we are not sure weather tomorrow will come while we are in our relationships, we loose patience, we loose kindness, we loose our sense of love, we loose forgiveness, most of us suffer in relationships because we have no forgiveness. Forgiveness is the key to the power of love, so if your life is full of grudges i pray that you start forgiving and move on in love, be blessed and be a blessing

Absolute Peace


It is just a statement that I will give and maybe one of my most blunt blogs of my time, Ukraine as a nation is divided into two, the zone for politicians and their blame game as well as the civilians wanting their power. As the protests ‘ go, the Government that is formed by the people blames the opposition for the erupting violence in Kiev.  What is the European Union doing and what are its leaders seeing as Ukraine is becoming like a stubborn stain on peace, may I say EU, UN and world leaders this is now threatening to being a concern for absolute peace in the world, do something before we see Ukraine becoming another Syria.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on renewed assaults on Ukraine protesters 19/02/14

Breed of Success


Most successful people are not in business, they may never thought of being businessmen/women, most successful people have just breed what they are good at. Most of us today have had a lot of trouble trying to secure debts for businesses that we find crumbling by day, i often hear this excuse, for people that may see failure in what they are not good at saying ” business is a risk” well if i have someone believing in that may i just disappoint you as in saying you as a person are a risk to yourself. Success is about breeding what you are genetically good at, what is your genealogy? one time i was looking at the history of one of the leading businessman of my time Sir Richard Bronson, his genetics were selling, he was good at it and he is still good at it. He found a way of making his breed of what he was good at work for him, now everything he does is about selling, so what is your breed? what are you good at doing? I am good at motivating and inspiring you. Therefore i have more and more ideas in inspiring you, so i am good at it i believe me and you are good to breed success in everything we are good at, are you ready to breed?