The Story Of Love


So sad as it seems there are a lot of us in today’s world that live in relationships that are so shuttered and dreams that have just gone to the museums like an old ford car, most of us today in our relationships are so proud to just tell a story in pain not in love, practically most of us have sad stories to tell. Our relationships are like a horror movie, you would want the story of your relationship to end before you even begin to tell it, the story of love has to be told no matter who you are what you have been through in your relationship, it is your choice to either live your horror story/start re-witting your script and tell the most beautiful story of love, i know it may be hard to leave that relationship since you have been with him/her for years, what is it going to be? count numbers of years in abuse/start a good life all over again, that is just the story of love, i tell mine in love i wish you could do the same with yours, be blessed and be a blessing


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