Success Attitude


I have been in and around some places that i believed and had so much hope that if i had gotten out of such places id be more successful than ever, i have been to the Blue Lagoon in Iceland where there is a place they call the stream of healing waters, whatever you are suffering from once you are in those waters it will be gone, well in my experience i believe it is just a belief and it just is an attitude that the Icelandic tourist board has of making people come into their beautiful city. Nothing about holidays, that is just my observation on success, if one has to be successful in life they have to change their attitude in the way they handle things, your ideas can not just function with a weak attitude, your dreams can not be pursued when you have no confidence in them that is attitude, you can think and dream as much as you can, but your attitude is the one that will propel you to a successful place, that i call the attitude of success, which one do you have?, because mine is surely not for failure


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