Peace Talk


We have heard religious leaders vow to do whats best for their religion, as well as politicians vowing for what they believe is best for our nations politically, it is time the world has to put an end to violence, time for the world without the aid of both the politician and a religious leader to put an end to war and make peace prevail. I have been as a person waiting for such a long time for fear in the world to have at least a break, for a year or two, a year or four when there will be no word like insurgents that we hear from anyone’s mouth, the word like terrorists that may be head in a politician/civilians mouth, may i finally congratulate Pakistani for at least coming forward to try and resolve their differences with the Taliban in order for the world and their country to live in peace, let the peace talks reign and let they bring about a fruitful peace deal, while they are at it UN and the world do something to help, also do something to pull Al-Queda on the table to negotiate peace, Pakistani is leading the way so why cant we locate the leaders of Al-Queda and reach an agreement for the sake of peace, this is peace talk request from a peace loving citizen of the world.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on Pakistani Taliban peace talks to open 04/02/14


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