Authority of Love


There is a force that you can not avoid, no matter what you do this is a great force bigger than your emotion, bigger than feeling, this is a force that we all bare, a force of love. Most of us are in relationships and we do not recognize that there are two forces that collide when two of us decide to be in a relationship. Love is the greatest and most reliable force that everyone of us have but we do not use such forces to stand strong in hard times when our relationships are sinking, our relationships today suffer because we become more engrossed on things that do not matter in our lives, we ought to love and create an atmosphere where we are ourselves in love with first self and then the person that you are in a relationship with. I tell you, you can not love someone before you love yourself first, let us all love one another and have the authority of love in our relationships, this is just a simple thing to do, i know you can do it, be blessed and be a blessing


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