The Unity of Peace


This is just one of the days that we all wish the story of Iraq becomes a past thing, it is however that as we call ourselves the mother powers of the world, we become the mother invaders of the world. Today we are facing one of the toughest and strongest opposition in the history of mankind, Iraq is a problem that we created ourselves. United Nations, United States of America, United Kingdom of great Britain are the masters of the Iraq problem, we as the world were told that Iraq was full of terrorist and they were a threat to our borders and our well-being, however there was the death of Osama Bin Ladin, now there was the death of Saddam, we thought the bigger terrorist were gone. Now who is this ISIS? is it a disease that comes after you deal with terrorism? guess the US, The UK and the UN are the experts to tell us who ISIS is and what are they doing in Iraq, why cant we get rid of them like Saddam and Osamma? World over the unity of peace is now and an explanation to our generations to come is needed as in now and it is great to deliver peace and its explanation to the Iraq people and the world.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on US urges unity to expel Iraq Rebels 24/06/14


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