Final Push for Peace


The world has been in a long wait for this wonderful thing called peace, The UN and its envoy has played the people of Syria like they play a game of chess, UN has an envoy that has tricks on his sleeves that do not work, i sometimes wonder does Mr Brahimi have a clue what peace is all about? guess it his employers that may have that question answered, United Nations what is your proper plan about Syria? i mean your own plan without the US intervening, because without the US saying anything you are clueless of what peace is all about for Syrians. Your weakness has been proven when Koffi Annan quit the post of being the UN envoy to Syria, a man that had much knowledge of dealing with conflicts, now since then Syria has become a more promising problem than a solution to the UN, thanks be to president Obama for saying something at least maybe you guys at the UN will consider what Syrians have gone through in your hands, Syria’s problems is not the fighting it is the forced confusion that the UN has heaped both on the Assad regime and the Syrian opposition. Remember that it is  these people, who knew how to deal with their differences, that is the reason why they came to the table to negotiate peace. All things came to a stand still when big B came in the picture and introduced his own tactics that have proven to be fruitless, so now Mr B president Obama has spoken whats your response? what are you going to do for the Syrians? what report are you going to give when all your mess is over? surly peace is close for Syrians.

Edwin Mathe in Relations to a BBC article on UN in final Syria peace talk push 15/02/14


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