Speed of Success


There are a lot of us who have in years tried a lot of theories of success, it is however that no matter how we have tried such theories, our success rate is still slower than what we may want it to be. I personally have learnt the slower way but could have done myself a favor if i had invested much time in my ideas and dreams, if i had invested so much of my time in thinking of how to push my dreams to reality. Most of us desperately want success which is not bad at all, but the bad thing is that we become more desperate and loose focus, we loose focus on our dreams, loose focus on our ideas, we want to succeed but we are just with wrong people, people that cheer us to success are not cheering our teams. If you understand this, there are a lot of us who can be more successful in a very alarming rate but our focus shifts, we are so desperate that is how we loose speed. Speed of success is determined by your focus on your ideas, you as a person sets the time frame to which you can achieve things, so i am on my highest speed this year and i focus more on my ideas and dreams anyone setting this speed with me?


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