Anchored on Success


There is a time when i feel despite the resistance God i need this thing like i need breath, there are times i feel like i have wasted so many chances in life, however this chance that i am facing no matter how much it may cost me, my life depends on it. There are a lot of us who have such problems in their life bothering them, however they anchor their problems on aunties and uncles who in their own right are still struggling to find their feet, most of us today fail not because resources are not there, we fail because we give our ideas to the wrong people, no matter how much you love uncle Joe, uncle J has no clue what success looks like. Your uncle can be that old but he has achieved next to nothing in his life so when you tell him a dream that has achievement in it, he is not going to know how to give you advise on what to do, because uncle J has never achieved nothing. Sorry to be this blunt its that i become more and more tired to see people struggle with success when they are busy aiming their success to the wrong tanks in order to keep company, get rid of the wrong anchor use success as an anchor, be determined to consult the right people for your idea, believe in your ideas, believe in your dreams, see your dreams working make a date with your dreams and ideas once or twice a week, success is like a relationship you see, once you forget to see it, it will see someone else that is just the anchor of success, i have anchored myself and my ideas and dreams to it, are you?


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