Evacuated Peace


I do sometimes wonder how the world lives, i wonder is there any hope for peace in this world? every day i sit down and think i feel like there is a closer peace deal somewhere, yet its miles and miles away. The UN today is like a school child who keeps playing in the mad and recognizes that he/she is dirty and goes home to take a bath so to resume the business of being dirty again, first they suspended the peace talks in Geneva for the Syrians, now they had suspended food aid and evacuations of civilians in the city of Homs. Now one tends to wonder what on earth is the UN and its envoy planning next on Syria, one minute they act as if peace is what they want for Syria, the next minute they act like Syrians are at fault for what is going on in Syria. Someone better make this right for the world is in demand for the return of that evacuated space of peace, UN and the world what a tragedy you are becoming, what a pity this organisation is becoming, let peace be exactly what you must fight for if the objectives for the UN are meant to be re-evaluated, as it looks now we are as a world are in problems caused by politicians and the world peace governing body. Do something before Syrians become more and more impatient

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on UN hopes to resume Homs evacuations 12/02/14


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