Touch of Love


As the world awaits for that special day the 14’th of February, this is the day where most people would feel like they are loved, cherished and appreciated. Our relationships have become like Christmas, Easter or New years day, we only love at Valentines day, get together on Christmas day maybe again on New Years day, this is how our relationships are today, we love one another on a particular day and when its not that day love is a like a fairy tale story that is told to children once in a while when granny comes home. A touch of love is more than in a day, a touch of love is like that shoe that you just polish every single day so it shines more and more every day, a touch of love is to be applied in your relationship through your language. Develop every single day a new way of making your lover/family member smile, develop a simple way of appreciating someone despite what small thing they may have done, develop a consistent way of telling someone how much you love them, how beautiful/handsome they look to you, develop patience and kindness, develop forgiving skills, develop not keeping the record of wrongs, these are just types of polish that can be applied to the touch of love in your daily relationships, be blessed and be a blessing


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