Positive Success


There is a day that you are always anxious about, a day that you may wish could come early, that special moment that you may wish it will indeed come and last forever, it is that no matter how anxious you are there is a big huddle to jump and that huddle is your piers/people that you associate yourself with while you wait. There are a lot of us today who have great dreams, they are in the process of coming out the more you wait for them to come out the more the waiting room fills up with people, friends, family and comrades, remember there are three people in your life, that walk this success road with you, Comrades, Confidants and Constitutes. These three people have different levels in your life, a comrade believes in what you believe in, you have the same enemy that is your common ground, after the enemy is defeated you are no longer friends, so dont mistake your comrade to your friend, you have constituents, they just there hanging around not with you alone but everyone else, so do not mistake those ones either for your friends, now finally the confidants, these are your people, the ones that believe in you as a person, before your dreams and ideas. These people understands you and they share with you their ideas, they challenge you as a person, they are for you and your growth, it is however that most of us tell our positive things to Comrades and Constituents who will just think of you as a nobody, who do you think you are kind of person, so from today i have to identify my positive success with my confidants, are you one of them? if you are then lets all go towards our ideal place of positive success.


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