Attractive Peace


Despite what we say and do, all the time when the masses say something because of our egos our leaders do something in contrast to what the people say, peace has always been the will of the people. A lot of leaders today just love the spotlight and love to be in the headlines like pop stars, our leaders and governments are so desperate for attention from the media which makes the world wonder, where they elected to represent the masses or themselves. In the US as an example every regime has its own chaos, going to extremes that other countries have to wonder why them? this is all in the name of peace but in the actual fact peace is used as a face to cheat the masses into the dirty game of non peace and ego negotiations, peace can only be attractive when what you say when you are in the outside with the masses, you need to stand by when you are in the inside. Peace can only be attractive when the sponsoring of rebels stops and bring everyone on the peace negotiating table, peace can only be attractive when the feud that we have can only be solved with countries that we did not recognize as part of the power that we have, peace finally can land its attractiveness when all leaders learn to bring down their egos and start serving the people that elected them.

Edwin Mathe in relation to both BBC articles on Syrian rebels denying that they attacked the convoy of President al-Assad, as well as the article on Relations of the US and Russia 08/08/13 


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