Calmer Love


A lot of us are in violent relationships and we do not recognize it, every single day we talk and do things to one another that do not in any way represent love, love has to be kind, if we all looked at the word kind there is not even one of us in our relationships that can qualify to be said they are kind and match up with the love kindness. Most of us today say things that hurt one another, do things that hurt each and every one of our partners either in a family or in a relationship, Love in a bigger picture does not take record of wrongs, today including myself when i am hurt i do not forget the hurt i talk about it like i am at the verge of dying with the pinch of hurt i would have gone through, oh yeah i will be thinking i am letting my feelings heard but in the actual sense i am saying, you see i keep the record of wrongs you do to me, oooch guess i hit the nerve right there. May i just say love one another stay calm in your relationships watch what you say and do, so that you can enjoy the best love can offer, just be blessed and be a blessing


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