Dynamics of Success


Most of my life i have had to figure out how successful i was by what i believed in and stood by it, there was a time when i was 16 i fell so much in love with drinking and clubs, it is however that drinking and clubs was not what i believed in, i believed in something totally opposite to drink and clubbing, because of the environment i was in, the people i surrounded myself with, i drank and went to clubs because i wanted to fit in. Now success stops right there success is your own vision and belief if you start chasing someone else’s vision and belief you will end up bankrupt, with nothing to start you off with, businessman/businesswoman, entrepreneur and business leader may i just say its good to share ideas but as an individual you have a parent idea which is yours and you believe in it, never be taken by storm and want to fit in, your business/idea is unique that is yours yes some may add to it some may want to crush it, just believe in your idea to be successful in whatever you do, and that to me i call pure dynamics of success


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