Solidity of Leadership


A lot of us have assumed that leadership makes one more respected and powerful, we have desired to be in leadership for the packs leadership comes with not the responsibilities it possess, hence we have cowards more than commanders in our leaders today.

Most of our leaders believe that once they have the reigns power and respect automatically comes as they assume the position of leadership, may I just say that most leaders today are so blind and continue to lead the blind organisations and corporations who are more focused on how they hired them in position in the first place. Such leaders have not crumbled because of either two or three individuals in their organisations who play their parts responsibly and they seem to be on top because of such individuals.

Solidarity of Leadership is the character within to understand the greatness and responsibility of role both in and outside the corporate, taking responsibility to earn respect for actions taken in a collective.

Let us all be solid in our leadership roles as we progress in excellence

Yours in Leadership

Edwin Mathe


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