Tenable Love


There are many times when one sits down and think, they sit down and reflect, reflecting on what we may or may not have done in our relationships and life.

We tend to live lives full of regrets and not respond to what we regret on, turning our situations for the better, turning our regrets to respect, responding positively towards our relationships of the past correcting mistakes of our past for the betterment of our present relationships.

Tenable Love is the power to forgive for the sake of you as an individual not for the one that wronged us, forgiveness is for our good not the ones that have wronged us. When we forgive we do it for the betterment of us not them.

I believe we can turn a corner in our relationships and be in this wonderful tenable Love, so that we can be our best in all relationships we build

Yours in Love

Edwin Mathe


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