The Truth In Love


Love has never been unreliable but humanity in turn has been unreliable, we live in a world that is full of selfishness. Today no one loves without conditions, you love me for what i have not for who i am kind of scenario, let me be frank with someone today, love is truthful, a lot of us have wasted a lot of time trying to find a perfect guy/woman, the one that thinks like you do, does things the way you do, may i just blow your candle out, such a person who does everything that satisfies you, is only yourself no one else, all we need in life is that particular person that loves the truth in us, that person who will love us the way we are and the person that can still say its OK on things that you see as faults, yet they will tolerate us with our faults.

The Truth in love always keeps our minds and souls in sink, may we all love for the reason of love and love in truth not in favor. Let love abide, let love build, Its how our world has to be, full of love and true love


Edwin Mathe


Freedom of Peace


The notion of freedom lies in all aspects of life, our lives are based on what we desire and dream of in a better world and a better society. There is no doubt that our world today is not in dare desire of a great and better life without freedom, peace is at the mercy of those that want to suppress those with little or no knowledge at all of their rights and freedoms, the freedom of peace is come and sooner or later those in suppression of such freedom will be nothing but the few that made life miserable for others. The right to freedom of peace is a special way for us as humanity to be in control of our social technology abilities that’s our world can be build on the solid foundation of peace and its freedom

Edwin Mathe in response to a BBC article on what’s app being temporarily banned in Brazil 20/07/2016

Authority of Success


At times I’ve wondered how I’ve gotten to a place I am now, then I recognise one great aspect about my life, which is drive, I am a purpose driven person. The only thing that can authorise success in ones life is drive, the wheel to establish and do things, a lot of us have great ideas but lake passion, ambition and the drive to establish their great ideas. The purpose of your existence has to be driven by the hunger to establish what you think and what you aspire to do, success has to have authority in your thought, its authority has to drive you purposefully and make you want to reach the unreachable. I know I can and you and I can be driven by this authority to succeed so let do this

Floating Success


It’s hard to understand why most of us try very hard to reach levels to which we thrive to reach, may I say to someone today success is based on an individual floating in as much as they can in whatever they are good at doing, remember success is much found in you as an individual. If I could ask you today what is it that makes you float? Most of us have so much going on in our minds so floating becomes difficult in what we really are good at, just enjoy just one of your ideas be comfortable in them and see yourself floating in success in every single way. That is just simple floating success, you and I can enjoy it, just if we focus

Straight Success


Life sometimes makes you feel so empty and you feel like every little thing you try to do never turns right, I’ve been there myself I know the feeling, infact I do get the feeling from time to time. Now here is the thing, success is the best ability to do what you sometimes feel like is not worth it. If at any given time you have been doing what everybody finds exciting that means you are more of a person that buys themselves a lot of support to stay on top. There is no successful person in the world I know of that has never reached breaking point, and you are not immune to that. Straight success is reaching a point that even to yourself becomes a burden to believe, the more strange to you your vision is, the more straightforward it is towards success, there is no better way to success its straight just keep going you are nearly there

Resilience of Success


Success was not made for quitters, we are who we are because of our resilience to pressures that our dreams and ideas propel us towards. If you were lazy from Childhood, you will not have an idea as to what to pursue in life, it is therefore that most of us lazy folks end up pursuing wishes than dreams.Dreamers make their dreams evident to the world we live in today and their dreams are controlling the world, my question is what is it that you pursue in life? a dream/a wish? I personally am pursuing my dream and I believe that at the end of the day despite what you have thought of yourself, laziness will be a thing of the past, you will start dreaming and start pursuing your dreams, that is what I call resilient success. Have you got what it takes?

Dedicated Success


It is just the potion that one does not want to take, a lot of us today have ideas that are full of rust and we are blaming everyone for our misfortunes. I have fallen so many times in my life, i do not blame it on anyone, i blame it on myself, this is because I lost my focus and I fell, most of us today have business ideas, they have dreams that are full of life, but we have a problem and that problem is not being dedicated, being dedicated to finish what you start, most of our ideas can push us to the top but we are not that much bothered to be pushed and push ourselves to the level that fit our ideas, Let me push you today and i believe your success is just around the corner just keep up the zeal, baby push towards your goal, make it work and have the final outcome in your mind, see what you started already finished come on this is dedicated success it needs your effort just do it, i am going for my last lap on this race and i am seeing the finish line, do you?