Terrific Love


Constantly I sat down thinking of how hard my life has been, how my mother had to leave me in the care of my father at six months, how I get told I had to be breast fed by my dads mother who is my grandmother by the way, all these situations make one thinks obviously this kid was messed up from the word go.

Most of us become more concerned about how they lived a life that had no mother, no father, no love and maybe a few relationships here and there, this has an effect on how they do things, how they love, how they don’t know how to love and all these other excuses that may keep them in these unspeakable things they do in the name of not being loved enough.

Terrific Love is the passion of creativity and choice of character that no matter ones past, their future is to be lived in greatness, remember love is a lifelong journey and whatever you choose to be in any relationship it’s all you, no one else is responsible for your choices. Let’s just love without excuses and experience this terrific love.

Yours in Love

Edwin Mathe


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