Aerial of Success


Have you ever wondered how on Earth can one individual be successful and not even share his success with those that struggle to make it?

What is it that leads these so successful individuals to the opportunities that seem not to come for those in desperate need of them? Is there a formula they use to outsmart everyone to get to such opportunities?

There are a lot of questions that are asked and they seem only to be answered by the successful individuals by the way they live their lives, most of us can be inspired from the outside, however we can be inside if we just tune our minds towards the right frequency.

The Aerial of Success points towards achieving a dream that has never been given up on, the hunger of consistency, the passion in excellence, you can not make it in the successful world without being honest with yourself first, the reason why those successful people are different from you whose trying is the trying bit, from now on stop trying and start making things happen

Remember success doesn’t know defeat, you are the one that knows it

Yours in Success



Aspiring Success


Many travel a journey but a few have directions to how they are going to reach their destination. Most of us in life just begin without knowing how the end of it will be like, we live this notion of we will cross the bridge when we get there, my question is you definitely know there will be a bridge to cross, how prepared are you to cross that bridge and how are you going to get to the bridge before crossing it?

No successful person just got there to the bridge and figured out how to cross when they got there, every successful person had a plan even if it failed a couple of times but they kept working on a plan until they accomplished the journey towards the bridge they wanted to cross.

Aspiring success is the structure of belief in active plan of achievement, the vision to see far beyond obstacle, from today I live by this notion I’ll create a plan for the journey towards the bridge/bridges I intend to cross and I’ll have a plan on how to cross it when I get to it

Nothing just happens

You and I Lets put work towards our dreams

Our plans may fail once but we are determined to make those plans work, there are after all already in motion, let’s keep going we will get there

Yours in Success



Deed of Success


There are so many of us that have dreams, we dream big yet we get out of bed the same people that went to bed last night, one wise man said there are three types of people in our lives, those that make things happen, those that ask what happened, those that wonder what happened.

In all successful people they all have one story to tell, they all had a dream of becoming who they are, which means they also went to bed and had a dream about what they wanted to be, it all starts with a dream, most of us have had many wonderful dreams but they still are the same people who have slept the same sleep that a successful person had, the difference is that one pursued their dream and one did not.

The deed of success is the structure of understanding your dream and pursuing it, you are the only difference between your dream and its reality, don’t have a deed to your success and sell it back to sleep.

Its time to secure your success with acquiring its deed pursue your dreams no matter what obstacles you face

I secure my dream of becoming the most influential person in this world, I believe you reading this have success written all over your spirit right now

Let success be and let’s have our deeds in our hands we all can

Yours in Success


Stable Success


Power lies within individual attention to what one desires and their edge to keep control of what they believe in as well as adored by many.

We have much of the power to be who we want to be in life, who we can be in life, it is therefore that we choose to be the less moderate human beings because of our surroundings and environment, we tend to relate well with our social gains or losses as well as how deprived we are economically, may I say that you can change the status quo by adjusting your thought process

Stable success is knowing the inner peace with that your circumstances can be the only source of passion towards your change, living in your circumstances is not necessary but changing your attitude towards them becomes your only way of getting out of them and be in stable success.

It may start hard because all the time change is the most difficult thing to do, but once you start changing the way you think and the way you act towards your limitations then you will find that stable success

It can be achieved you and I can, so let’s do this

Yours in Success


Straw of Peace


Wars are now the norm in our today life, politicians and religious leaders have both turned a blind eye to the power of negotiating peace with the people that suffer in its absence.

Politicians and religious leaders are the sole custodians of a commodity called peace, they are the people to usher the grassroots into the prosperous land of peace, the glory both a politician and a religious leader has comes from the people who seak the precious commodity they both are custodians of.

Peace can not be unless and until the custodians of such give space on the table for its rightful owners to dine and share a slice of its negotiations, Peace can only be when politicians and religious leaders begin to engage the masses in their negotiations of peace after all peace belong to the masses, politicians and religious leaders are just custodians of it

This is the straw that peace has taken and it’s implimentations are very close, we are close to peace the world need

Opinion of Success


At times what we work hard for doesn’t suggest anything we are and where we are in life, there are times when we have worked so hard not achieving the best that we can in life.

We often work to get and provide than work towards our dreams and purpose of achievement, there are a lot of us who are in the bracket of working to get and provide for, this ethic is simply called hand to mouth ethic, once we get so comfortable with such an ethic it is hard to get out of.

The opinion of Success is the desire to achieve, consistently being interested in what you are good at, it’s not how small nor big but how persuasive you are to yourself to make it work

Thats just the opinion of Success it’s up to you and I to take it and progress or not take it and remain stagnant

Trust me if you take it, it will indeed make your success a reality

Yours in Success


Our future the price for Peace


The future we have may be short if peace is not well negotiated, our power is not within our arms, what we make as arms can be what we negotiate with in peace, let our trade be of poison, gas chambers, anti aircraft missiles but our efforts to pave a future for our children and our countries that we lead and aim to lead is through Peace, our road to peace is not through chemical means but through negotiations on that table, lets vie for peace not war means.

//Edwin Mathe in relation to the BBC article on Russia going ahead with the supply of the S-300 anti aircraft missiles to Syria//