The seizure of Peace


So much that we have said, and so much we have desired to do, it is however that with the desire for peace, we happen to teach other nations that you have to seize before you talk about peace. The US and the UK first taught the world that seizure is the best way of making peace the greatest commodity for everyone else, I become more bothered when it comes to other nations doing what we did to Iraq and Afghanistan, Our US and UK troops took in by storm the capitals of these cities and any other in a bid to bring down what we call terror, my question today remains couldn’t we have at least negotiated for such peace to be in the world. Today the Iraq people have learnt from the masters of seizing countries only that they do it in their own country, yes they want control like Mother US and UK, we cry foul when an Iraq militant takes over a city like Mosul, what about our troops that took control of the other cities, what do we call that? guess a fight against terror, world over if terror was in our backyard would we travel all that far to fight it, the seizure of peace will not stop until all mother powers of the world stop this seizure first, all in the name of a fight against terror, peace be now in the world or else our generations to come will read stories of what we tried to do for peace.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on Militants seize Iraq Second city 10/06/14 


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