Everlasting Love


There are times when one goes through shock, and when they are just shocked they act like they are chocking, actions of those that are shocked often make everyone around them so paranoid. Most of us today have relationships that suffer all in the name of shock, there is a lot of thirst in relationships, most of us are so thirsty for that once a beautiful relationship that we once had. May i just help someone that is nearly giving up on a beautiful relationship that has always been beautiful, what do you do when you are in a relationship, do you maintain the great standard of life you start with/you lower the standard as you go along? this is the reason why most of us today do not have such a beautiful relationship that we once had, this is because we wait for others to raise our standards for us, and we are just doing nothing. Everlasting love is available to you as an individual because no matter what you receive give love, just that then the tide will change some day/today, be blessed and be a blessing


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