Love like a journey


I have given so much thought to a lot of things, tried this and that to my own good, which no matter how i try doesnt seem to be enough. I have recognized in life, that the more you try the more you can not be what you trying to be, this is all because you are trying, not doing. Most of us are in relationships that we  try to make work, may i just be negative for a bit, you don’t have to try, start doing. If you start doing and stop trying, just do something instead of trying to make your relationship work. At this point, one learns that this journey of love can not just be tried, one has to travel it, thus to say most of us believe in love, however we have not yet began walking in it, yes in it. If we start following the love guide which is kindness, meekness, patience, forgiveness and unselfishness above all, this will be the only way our journey of love can be more exciting. I have learnt not to try but do what i believe love is, as well as walk in it, i also believe that you and i will love and live in this unconditional love, be blessed as well as be a blessing


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