The Stake for Peace


We tend to wonder why the world still goes round, with so much evil and so much hatred perpetrated by violence, our global leaders and politicians have done nothing but take advantage of all the situations for their own glory. The masses suffer at the hands of these people that we vote into power, the world cries because of their selfishness. It is now and forever that the people will speak peace and the more the politician ignores, the more louder the voice of peace is heard. Despite the mass exodus of the people this is not warranty for cowardliness but the will of the people representing and giving to the steak of peace, the stake of peace has only one stakeholder that is the will of the people, it is today peace, for tomorrow yes the masses speak and that is the only forward way the stake of peace lies at the heart of the masses.

Edwin Mathe in response to a BBC article on 2 million people believed to have fled Syria in the last couple of weeks 03/08/13


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