Clutches of Peace


Our understanding of peace often change our ideas and the way we view it, It is such an amazing thing to note that leaders/governments have the power to peace yet fail to give it to the masses. Masses cry out for peace but our leaders and government ignore the call for peace and concentrate on the financial crisis instead, this being observed makes the best interpretation of why most politicians are in the game. These people we vote in power has no interest whatsoever of what the masses go through, what they care about is just the money, may i say people are desperate for peace hence every time elections are called for, they think that the next big thing/candidate will bring them peace yet that concept changes once one is in power. The masses make up the clutches of peace and those that negotiate for peace need to forget about what financial crisis there is and deal with the peace aspect, peace is not finance and peace and finance do not gain from each other, yet those that are financial focused can not be peace focused.

Edwin Mathe in response to a BBC article on the seven people that died in Egypt because of the protest clashes 16/07/13


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